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In “Boy”, Roald Dahl recounts his days as a child growing up in England. From his years as a prankster at boarding school to his envious position as a chocolate tester for Cadbury’s, Dahl’s boyhood was as full of excitement and the unexpected as are his world-famous, bestselling books.

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  1. kaitlyn said:

    Roald Dahl’s childhood is very interesting in this book and we can all agree this is another one of the amazing books that he rights for kids. like most, I would recommend this book for a younger audience of ages around 7-10 and as a little kid, I would have rated this a 3.5/5. this book is all about his childhood and what he used to do, it includes all the sweet shops he visited as a kid and much more stuff. it is definitely worth the read if you’re younger


  2. I think “Boy” is a great book. It is a collection of stories from Dahls childhood, but the way the stories are written makes sure it is not boring. There are some sad stories as well, such as the story of how his sister and father died, many descriptions of caning and some painful stories but these stories are all told in a way that makes us understand his opinion, even if the story is from when he was six years old. The book deals with the theme in both a serious and entertaining manner. He might describe terrible situations, but he does it in a way that makes it possible to see the humour in the situation. I read this book a while ago, and found it very interesting to get into the head of this mans head when he was a child because he has written such fantastic, creative novel for children and can now see how he got the themes of his stories and what they were drawn off.


  3. This book was very good. Roald Dahl’s childhood is very interesting and I have read this book a couple of times now! It gave me an insight into his childhood but at the same time it still felt like the types of books he has written. I think it is a very cool and creative book that I recommend to anyone. I rate this book 9/10!!


  4. I recommend a book called Boy Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl. It is about the very own Roald Dahl’s childhood. Including tales of sweet shops and chocolate, mean ladies. It is worth reading.


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