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Brooklyn Nine Nine (TV series)

Heston Blumenthal’s desserts (TV series)

Riverdale (TV series)


Five bedrooms (TV series)

This story begins at a wedding and more specifically the singles’ table. It’s a refuge of misfits and lonely hearts who all have an inability to crack the property market as a solo flyer.

Slightly sloshed and just completely slightly over their unchangeable relationship status, our singles jokingly arrive at a solution: they could pitch in and get a really big house together. Something way beyond the means of any of their married friends. But what starts out as a laugh between a group of strangers quickly transpires into Ainsley, Ben, Liz, Harry and Lachlan’s reality.

Welcome to the story of five unlikely allies in life. Throwing caution to the wind, they’re teaming up, signing contracts and buying a house together. It’s a grand social experiment. It might be genius, or it might be a total disaster. But one thing is for certain: they’re not putting their lives on hold for love any longer.


NCIS (TV series)

Stranger things (TV series)

Dance moms (TV series)

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