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Specky Magee – Felice Arena & Garry Lyon

Simon ‘Specky’ Magee is twelve years old and mad about Australian Rules football.

He’s such a talented player he got his nickname ‘Specky’ for taking ‘spec-tacular’ marks.

Not that anyone in his family would know – or care – about his ability.

When Specky finds a baby photo of himself dressed up in footy gear he is completely confused.

Why would his parents have done this when they hate footy so much?

Who dressed him in those clothes, and why won’t his parents give him a straight answer when he asks them about it?

Determined to find out the truth, Specky embarks on a quest that uncovers more than he ever bargained for.


Specky Magee and the great footy contest – Felice Arena & Garry Lyon

Specky comes face to face with a tough, talented player by the name of Derek “Screamer” Johnson. He was responsible for having Specky sent off during a game last season. The two boys become bitter rivals, and when a popular TV show runs a nationwide football contest, Specky is relieved when everyone except Screamer decides to enter. But why is Screamer such a bully on the field? And why is he sucking up to Specky’s teammates?

Coach Carter (movie)

Eddie the Eagle (movie)

The benchwarmers (movie)

Specky Magee and the best of Oz – Felice Arena

Specky has been selected to represent Australia in International Rules, taking on the Irish in a two-test competition in Ireland. Can the boys learn to play with a new set of rules and perfect their skills with the round ball before the Irish team wipes the field with them? And is someone trying to sabotage the Aussie team’s chances of winning? The pressure is on, and to make matters worse Specky has some serious decisions to make about his future before he returns home . . .

This trip to Ireland is no holiday and Specky will have to dig deep to face the biggest challenge of his life!


Specky Magee and the spirit of the game – Felice Arena

Specky can’t wait to get to the country and play grass-roots football for the first time…against adults. But more is at stake than the outcome of just one game.

Angus & Robertson


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