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TBH IDK what’s next – Lisa Greenwald

BFFAEs Prianka, Cece, and Gabby are ready to have an unforgettable summer—but they don’t agree on what that means.

For Cece and Gabby, everything is CAMP, CAMP, CAMP! But Prianka wants to forget about sleeping in the woods and hang out at the pool before her big family trip to India. Gabby won’t stop obsessing over the likes on her camp photos while Cece won’t pick up her phone at all.

With “back-to-school” looming and relationships changing at lightning speed, can CPG4Eva sort out their differences before classes start and things really change?

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How to get to Rio – Julie Fison

For months Kitty MacLean has been crushing on Rio Sanchez – who is probably the cutest guy in the world. But it looks like she might never get a chance to hang out with him. Until…

– Kitty goes camping with her best friends like she promised them, and finds out Rio just happens to be staying not too far away. But should she meet up with him? Or is a grubby camping holiday not the best time to meet up with your mega crush?

– Kitty breaks her promise to go camping with her bests and goes to the beach with popular-girl Persephone instead. The offer is sweetened with a promise they’ll definitely get to hang out with Rio. But should Kitty really ditch her friends to hang out with the cool girl? And will Rio even like Kitty?

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