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To all our international visitors, welcome to  We are based in Geelong, Australia, and we would love to receive some imput from you.  If you have read any of the books we have on our blog, please feel free to leave a review, or just leave a comment below telling us the country and city in which you live.

Thank you for visiting our blog – we are really excited watching the dots grow on our ClustrMap!

LINC Staff

Comments on: "International Visitors" (2)

  1. The the wonderful library team and students of Sacred Heart College,

    I LOVE your site! Your reviews are well written and really interesting. I am going to read a few books based on the reviews I have just read.

    Beacon Hill School is a primary school in Hong Kong and the students age from 4 and a half to 10 years old. All the students love to read and recommend books to their friends. is such an effective way of sharing thoughts that we would like to start our own blog, just like you.

    When we get started, we will give you the address. Hopefully you can read some of our reviews and share these with your little brothers or sisters.

    Thanks for sharing your site with us,

    Annette Leone
    teacher librarian
    Beacon Hill School
    Hong Kong


  2. Yvonne Barrett said:

    To the librarians and students
    Your blog is inspirational! and it shows what an active and vital reading community you have at your school.

    We are also hoping to start a blog for our students to reflect and share what they are reading..we are starting with our grade 6 and 7 classes here. I will definitely be showing our students your wonderful reflections.
    With thanks.
    Yvonne Barrett
    Librarian K-12
    Osaka International School
    Osaka, Japan.


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