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Orphan (movie)

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  1. Charlotte said:

    Orphan is one of the best horror movies, I really liked how Warner brothers did this movie so I knew it wouldn’t be too scary. my favourite character is Max she’s only little but she’s already being manipulated by Esther and she doesn’t really know what is going on. Esther is definitely an interesting person, with every family she goes to torture she tries to get with the husband but it never seems to work. theres no jump scares so for people that get shocked easily and likes horror movies this is for you. this it is truely a classic the end is definitely un expected, I rate this movie a 8/10 they could add more detail with the scars but besides thats I recommend. I like how the Mother discovers thats she’s not who she thinks she is but I also like how Esther manipulated everyone. Its a horror with thriller its also sad at some points but if you love horror this is one of the best movies you’ll ever watch!


  2. If you enjoy a good horror movie, you will LOVE Orphan! This movie follows the life of a family who adopts 9 year old Esther. From first impressions she seems like a normal girl, but once she moves in the mother starts to notice some odd behaviour – something about Esther is not quite right…
    This movie has a great story line, and is filled with many twisted scenes and jump scares – not for the faint hearted.
    I highly recomend this movie for people over the age of 13, and I rate it 8.5/10


  3. If you are a fan of horror you will love this movie, I enjoyed it there is lots of post twists. I would think that you should be 14 or up to watch this. Even though it is a horror I find it funny.This movie is about a family who decide to adopt a child her name is Esther, and she seems like a sweet and innocent girl, but she become more dark watch out for her. I rate this 7.5/10.


  4. I love this movie. I was at a friends house and we watched this just before before we went to bed but it was really good. The part that makes me worried is when Esther pushing the little girl off the slide in the playground because it was a very mean thing to do. I would recommend this movie to people that like movies that you are sitting on the edge of your chair. I would rate this movie a 9.5/ 10


  5. I actually really enjoyed this movie and I would 100% recommend it to anyone that loves a good horror movie. This movie is about a young family who decide to adopt a little girl called Esther. She seems like a perfect little girl until they get to know her a little better. This movie is very violent at times and dark and there are some unexpected parts which can be scary for some people. The end is the best so make sure you watch till the very end!! I would recommend this movie to 14+ and rate it a 9/10. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat so definitely suggest you watch it 🙂


  6. I watched this film recently and I would highly recommend this to people who enjoy a scary movie,as this would defiantly scare you!! this is great to watch with friends if you are having a sleepover,the movie is every violent and has a plot twist,I would recommend this ages 14 and up!!


  7. Isabelle Fuhrman does an excellent job of acting and being creepy in this. I never saw the twist near the end of this film coming, nor do I understand how the filmmakers were able to get away with it without stretching credibility and making the audience have to practice credulity to get the most out of this work of art.


  8. Claudette said:

    I have to say this movie is absolutely terrifying. Well for me at least. It definitely fits under the category of ‘horror’. I would recommend it for ages 14+ at least, but it is actually quite a good film once you get past the gore of it. It has an interesting background story, and there are many scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


  9. Orphan Is a really scary movie I love movies like this but my advice it not to watch it at home alone or in the dark because Trust me you will get nightmares. My Favourite part of this movie would be the scene in the cubby house as it got my heart racing out of fear for the boy in the cubby house and the little girl in the snow. I would recommend this movie to people who like an action packed film and you like HORROR than this is a film for you!
    Rate 8/10


  10. Orphan
    Orphan is a movie that you wouldn’t dare to watch on your own. It’s a scary movie that would make you afraid for a couple of weeks. I literally threw my laptop whilst watching it, If you want a scary movie to occupy you and a couple of friends at sleep overs whilst at home then I strongly recommend this film.
    Rate – 9/10


  11. I recommend this movie not only if you like scary movies but if you appreciate gore. This movie begins with a family adopting a nine year old orphan child, Esther, that seems humble and polite however is much more. The entire family seems to like her as she seems a perfect part of the family, being talented and able to get along well with the other children but little do they realise she is manipulating them. As many horror movies go, she then releases havoc over the family by trying to kill them using her signature. She also deceives many members of the family and first however one by one they realise that she is not the child they thought she was. This movie is interesting because of the many twists and turns that occur because Esther seems to be a psychopath on the loose. I give this movie an 8/10.


  12. Claudette said:

    I watched this film last
    By the end of the film I had realised why it started so late..if you are into surprises, than this sure is the film for you! It really is a great watch, despite the fact I missed half of it as I hid behind a pillow..Main character Esther begins a shy, and polite little orphan girl but she holds a very dark is one of those film that leaves you hanging the whole entire time, leaving hints here and there..then in the end you realise how everything matches up! Will leave you shivering.. 8/10! 🙂


  13. Bethany said:

    i recommend the movie Orphan
    if you like movie with a good ending that really sums up the story and dose not leave you wondering for days. i think you will enjoy this movie if you like movies that make you jump. This movie is about a family who decide to adopt a child as there first child was a stillborn.
    after looking for the right child that they want to adopt they come across a 9 year old named Esther and she was shy but was also quiet kind as she becomes more familiar with her new family she starts to act strange, her new family is frankly scared of Esther and become worried about her behaviour this movie is great with lots of unexpected things this movie is a mystery and a horror. I rate this movie 10/10
    WARNING: Watch out some parts are really Unexpected and can sometimes be scary. So you have been warned if you like these types of movies then you will really enjoy this film.


  14. I recommend the movie ‘Orphan’.
    If you are into horror movies, then you’re in for a treat with THIS film. This movie is about a mother and her family who decide to adopt a child after she gives birth to a stillborn. The child they adopt is 9 year old Esther, and she seems like a sweet and innocent girl, that is until she starts to let her true colours show. The family begin to notice her crazy, psychotic outbursts and they become worried that the sweet little girl is not all that she seems. It should be recognised that this movie IS horror, so it is indeed VERY gory, VERY violent and VERY dark, so DO NOT go into this movie unprepared! But, if you ARE a fan of horror, this one is definitely for you.


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