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Mary Elizabeth, a.k.a. Lola, is accustomed to playing the starring role in the fascinating production that is her life. Her pottery-making single mom and bratty twin sisters are merely bit players in Lola’s dramatic existence. But all this changes when she is forced to move from her beloved Manhattan to the boring suburbs of New Jersey. According to Lola, “living in the suburbs is like being dead, only with cable TV and pizza delivery.” The worst part is that someone has already snagged the coveted Drama Queen of Suburbia title–and that someone is Carla Santini. Carla, who is “sophisticated, beautiful, and radiates confidence the way a towering inferno radiates heat,” isn’t about to let anyone take away her hard-earned crown. Undaunted, Lola tries out for and wins the lead in the school play, a role much desired by Carla. In retaliation, Carla makes the entire student body give Lola the silent treatment (and in addition scores tickets to a sold-out concert of Lola’s favorite rock band). Can Lola crash the concert, crush Carla, and still have enough energy to wow everyone in the school production of Pygmalion? It’s all in a day’s work for Lola, Teenage Drama Queen.


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  1. I loved this book, It was filled with problems in every chapter. The characters were all so relatable and funny. My favourite character was Lola (Mary) I just could not imagine moving from a huge city like New York to a country town I would have called it “DEADWOOD” too. I really admire Lola’s and Ella’s persistence to get what they want, I don’t know if I would go to the same extent as them to see my Ideal. Out of all the character I think I am most like Ella a little more but not afraid to have an opinion. I love how Lola had such huge impact on the school and aseptically Carla! Carla is the schools it girl everyone wants to be her she’s rich, pretty and as far as she is consent everyone loves her and fears her everyone except Lola.


  2. This book is about a girl names Lola who has to leave her old life behind and start a new one in New Jersey. When I was reading this book I couldn’t put it down. There is so much drama and tension between the characters. Lola is a drama queen when things involve her number one enemy Carla Santini. This book is a bit like mean girls because there is almost like a group that everyone wants to be apart of.

    I would rate this book a 8 out of 10 because it doesn’t take long to read but it is still filled with a lot of information.


  3. Lola is devastated when she finds out that her and her family have to move to New Jersey. She is even more devastated when she finds out that her new classmate is Carla Santini, the school queen bee. Carla becomes jealous of Lola when she scores the lead role in the school play. Which Carla desperately wanted. But in the end Lola amazes everyone by her stunning performance and they realize she isn’t the bad person Carla was saying she was. Beside lola this whole time was her new best friend, who really helped her when her family wouldn’t. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a story about determination, honesty and finding yourself.


  4. I’ve only just started reading this book last week and so far I really like it. Lola, the main character seems so interesting and I can’t wait to read more into the book.

    I love how Lola is trying to create this new personality and wanting to be seen as unsual and as an individual.

    I like it because it’s great just to read for a break from an intense, extreme book. It’s not a hard book, it’s more amusing than anything else.

    I’d recommend this book to any girl who enjoys reading a ‘ chick flick book ‘. It’s a really fun book and I can’t wait to read more.


  5. This book is absolutely fantastic! Mary (or Lola as she as knew she was destined to be called since she was 5) is meant to be on stage, in the spotlight. After moving to Deadwood from the Big city of New York Lola is faced with a challenge called Carla Santini. She needs to keep her cool & just lay low but of course she won’t. I absolutely loved this book & I’m sure that anyone else who reads it will too.


  6. Wow nice info you have here. I hope this will help a lot of people. I will tell my friends to read this. Thanks


  7. WOW!! if you like books , then you will adore this book!
    it is aweesome and funny and exciting and interesting, Mary is the main character she is lovely. She likes to be called LOLA!! SO DONT SAY MARY OR SHE WILL GET YOU!!

    “lola’ has twin sisters – – pam and paula, they are reaalyyy annoying!! She goes to a new school called DELLWOOD but people calll it DEADWOOD!!!!!!!

    Lola’’s best friend is a nice young lady called ELLA!
    I recommend to girls of all ages


  8. “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”.
    This book is about a girl called Mary Elizabeth and her parents caleed her that by mistake. Mary likes to be Called Lola instead of Mary. Lola has twin sisters called Pam and Paula and they are very annoying.Her and her family move to New Jersey and she goes to a new school called Dellwood, but everyone calls it “Deadwood”. Lola’s best friend is called Ella.
    This book is very good and interesting.


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