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Kate loves to chat and she’ll talk to anyone who’ll listen . . . including God.  And she’s got a lot to talk about – her parents, the new baby, her friends, becoming the latest ‘four-eyes’ at school – even about the ants who drown in puddles in her driveway.  Recently, Kate’s started talking to God about Stephanie, the new girl in her class.  Stephanie’s not really like Kate’s other friends; for a start she’s a nerd.  And she looks a bit weird, too.

When Steph becomes ill, Kate is seriously worried and lets God know.  Steph’s a good person, so why isn’t she getting better?  Just when Kate’s about ready to give up, she finds the answers to her questions in an unexpected place.



Comments on: "Hello God – Moya Simons" (21)

  1. Hello God is such a touching book, it is very heartwarming as well as sad. I very much enjoyed it and the storyline was amazing. Kate is a young girl who talks to God and it is such a believable book. Stephanie the new dorky girl is teased, but when Kate becomes friends with her everything starts to change, but 1 thing changes badly… This book suits all ages and will make you want to read it over and over. I loved everything about the book including the humour the friendship moments and the sad parts. I recommend this book to everyone, It is very well written and you wont believe it until you read it!


  2. Charli said:

    I thought it was an amazing book deserving a 9 10 out of 10


  3. laura said:


    In the first week of reading I really enjoyed the book, it had a lot of interesting information that will help with the rest of the book,it introduced all of the characters and had a lot to read about all of them. I don’t really like the character Kate because she is quite mean to Stephanie, I feel bad for Stephanie because she is innocent and hasn’t done anything wrong to the other people but they are still mean to her. I think at times the book can be boring but then it gets interesting again.I like how Kate talks to god and lets all her problems out I think God is a good person to talk too.

    This week I really enjoyed the book there was lots going on Stephanie is still sick and Kate is getting worried, I found some of this book was sad because Kate is blaming it on herself and God. Also Kate goes to visit Stephanie and that is sad but good at the same time because it makes her feel more worse. I am still enjoying the book but it does get a bit boring at times. I really like how Kate finds other friends instead of being sad and angry at her other friends she just moves on. I’m really hoping that Stephanie gets better and that Kate stops feeling so bad then maybe Kate will feel better im also hoping that Kate and her other friends form a big group and that it will make Kate feel better and then she will not feel so bad about her other friends.

    This week I found the book really really sad we found out that Stephanie had cancer, it is still sad for Kate because she thought it was her fault again. I still am enjoying the book but it is still sad and a little bit boring because Kate keeps thinking that it is her fault and it is just annoying. I am not sure if Stephanie will die or not because she can still get treated i’m just not sure. If she dies it will be really sad. I think that Matt likes Stephanie and It will be even more sad because he really likes her. I like Stephanie as a character because she doesn’t care what people think of her she is just herself. I can’t wait to see what happens to Stephanie and i’m worried at the same time.

    This was the last week of reading I found it too sad. I liked the characters in the book especially Stephanie because I liked how she acted, and didn’t care what people thought of her that much. I just found that sometimes the book was a bit sad and just got boring at times, but I still thought that it was a good book. I also liked Kate in the book but it was annoying at times when she kept blaming herself all the time for Stephanie getting sick. I thought that the ending was no very good it just didn’t end in a good way it could be more happy even though it was a pretty happy, it was sort of interesting though because most books end with a happy ending and this didn’t which was okay.


  4. i thought the hello god is a great book but i didn’t like the end
    I would recommend this book for 11 year olds and over.
    i thought it looked boring when my sister told me about if but it was actually good
    i rate this book 9 out of 10
    READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I thought hello god had a terrible title for such a good book theirs no fake stuff in this like “God comes down and appears” it’s quite a believable book all though its quite boring at the start it gets so much better and at the end it was very cute I would recommend this book if you like reading short books every second page their is a new chapter and the words are quite big so you get though it quickly, if you like sad books but sort of happy at the same time you should probably read it.


  6. This week I was Time Traveller. I had choose the Home, Hospital, School and another home because they were the most popular places that they went to in the last part of the book. My favorite character would probably have to be Stephanie and Kate. Steph would be my favorite character because she isn’t a very complicated person and she didn’t dislike any one and she would like most of the people in her class even thought they might have called her four-eyes or a nerd but she would just ignore them and that is what i liked most about her and when he she died that made me realize that i she was a really nice person and didn’t care what other people had to say about her. Kate was another one of my favorite characters because at the start of the book she thought that Stephanie was a nerd but then when she got glasses and people started making fun of her hiccups her and Stephanie became better friends and then when Stephanie showed Kate her quiet spot Kate showed Steph her quiet spot and then when Stephanie got cancer then Kate and Stephanie became Best Friends that’s when they became closer friends and that is why I like Kate so much because she didn’t like her and then she did like her when she started to get to know her.


  7. Carly said:

    I really LOVED this book. It wasn’t a sad story that made you cry every page, all the time, but it had humour, things that do happen in real life and a touching friendship. This book has a lovely story line. Sadly there are always kids like Stephanie, everywhere you go. Kids that have no friends, because they might be shy, smart or like different things to others. There is always an “in” group and a not “in” group at every school. Kate transferring from her close friends and the popular group to be better friends with Stephanie, which is so touching and i believe her becoming closer to Stephanie and risking everything, really made Kate a better person. My prediction for the remainder of the book was pretty much spot on. The thing that makes this book a hit, is how young Kate is. They didn’t make her 15 or 16, but only 11 years old and shows to such a young audience, how important friendships are, over popularity. This book was amazingly written and makes this book one of the best i have ever read. I recommend this book for anyone who loves a funny, charming book.


  8. Jahkarli Romanis said:

    Wow! What can I say. This book is fantastic! Full of sad, happy, innocent thoughts coming from a young girl by the name of Kate, who talks to God sharing her idea’s and feelings about events that have happened during her day. Kate meets this girl called Stephanie, at first Kate finds it hard to except her for who she is, and only cares about being in the ‘popular group’ at school. But this girl Stephanie is different, and changes Kate’s life forever. As time goes on Kate starts to take a liking to Stephanie. But as soon as Kate gets to know her things take a dramatic turn. Take this long hard journey as Kate realizes and understands what really matters in life as she travels the hard harsh seas of growing up.

    This book is beautiful, I really would recommend it to anyone who likes a lovely story, be prepared though because you may need some tissues. 🙂


  9. alana said:

    I finally finished the amazing book and I couldn’t believe it was over, I remember putting my book down staring at it and picking it up again to read it just one more time, I find whenever you read a book more than once you always get a different perspective to it and even though I knew what was going to happen it still came a shock to me, it still made me sad and it still put a smile on my face. The last few chapters were the most exciting and the most emotional the way the author described stephanie when she was in hospital the way the author described how stephanie looked so small in the hospital bed but so beautiful I found that really touching. This amazing book moved me it told me not to judge people from the outside and to be careful for what you wish for like when kate prayed to God to make Stephanie a little ill everything turned upside down, I taught me no to take things for granted. I really did enjoy this book I enjoyed I enough to read it twice and when I finished it for the second time I wanted to read it again I wanted to know what happens next what happens to Kate? Does she still speak to God? I have so many questions about this book. It was truly amazing and I recommend it to everyone!


  10. Simonette said:

    This is an amazing story. I wish that it didn’t end. It’s such a touching and meaningful story and each and every one of the characters were so inspirational in their own way. It’s beautiful watching Kate grow as a person from the very first second she met her to the very last. When you’re reading this book you’ll feel like Kate’s best friend that she can talk to about anything her heart desires even though it’s addressed to God and I really like the way that the author did that. The ending was so special and meaningful, I think that it in a way celebrates how Steph has changed Kate as a person in such a positive way. My favourite character’s were Stephanie and Adam, my favourite characters changed throughout the book but these two were the ones that I thought were so inspirational and kept the life in the book. This book will teach you that popularity isn’t the most important thing in life, to take chances and make new friends, to stand up for what you’re heart tells you, because you never know what’s going to happen and when it does that’s when you’ll wish that you’d have done something and that you hadn’t just listened to what your friends tells you is ‘the right thing to do’. More than anything, this story taught me that you should never take anything or anyone for granted.


  11. abbey said:

    This book was really good, I loved all the characters, My favourite character was Kate because first she was hanging out with the popular people then when they were mean she stood up for her other friends which weren’t so popular but were much nicer then the her popular friends. I found the ending sad, but still good. I didn’t cry but almost did, I thought this book was going to be boring and no fun but after the first chapter I was in love with this book and found it hard to put down, all the characters were interesting and full of life. When I first heard the heading I thought it would be a dull lifeless book but it is very funny and sad book.


  12. chloe said:

    I read Hello God in literature circles last year. I loved the book Hello God because it shows always to think positively and never wish bad things on people. My favourite character is Stephanie because of the strength that she shows through the battle of her life. My least favourite part of the book was at the very end, I want give away anymore though. I recommend the book ‘hello god’ for everyone who loves a bit of a sad story. I think everyone would love it I rate Hello God 9 out of 10.
    By chloe 🙂


  13. I really enjoyed the book Hello god it was a very interesting book. Out of 5 stars I would rate it 4 1/2 It was so good.
    It was very sad and I nearly cried. This book would be recommended to so any people like the people who like sad books or anyone who just enjoys reading.


  14. Hello God is my literature circle book for year 7 I recommend the book ‘hello god’ for everyone. it is a lovely story and i think everyone would love it I rate Hello God 9 out of 10


  15. Hello god is a great book that you should be able to relate to. It was a book that I could not put down because i was so into it. I thought that Stephaine and Kate had great personality’s and played a very important role as best friends to each other. Kate was so supportive when she found out what happened to Stephanie and was always around when Stephaine needed help. I recommend this book for girls that enjoy reading about friendship issues and it is suitable for girls between the age of 10 and older.


  16. Hello God is my literature circle book for year 7. At first I thought that it wold be so lame and that it was going to be just another book but then I started reading it! I think that it is a very easy, sweet and loving book I would recommed it to any one and it is on eof the best books I have ever read!
    If you like cute books and you are just not really a big reader I recommend you trying this.


  17. I am reading this book for my literature circles and I love the book and out of all the characters I would want to be Kate. She seems like a lovely girl and a great friend. This book is a down to earth book and sweetly lets you taste life for what it truly is. I honestly love the book and I can relate to it just as well as Kate can. I would recommend this book for 12+ years because when you my age (12) you can relate to the family problems and the best friend issues.


  18. I recommend the book ‘hello god’ for everyone.It is so good i love it!!!

    Its about this girl called Kate and every night before she goes to bed she talkes to god.Theres this girl called Stephanie and shes a new girl in her class and she wears glasses and Kate and her friends think she is a dork because she wears glasses. Then later on Kate then needs glasses and her friends still likes her. Then Kate sees Stephanie at the beach and Kates parents and Stephs parents talk and kates Parents invite Steph and her family over for dinner for the next day. That night Kate talks to god and tells him that she doesnt really want steph to come for dinner because then she might think that her friends wont like her anymore. Then the next day Steph is sick and she doesnt go to school. Then steph doesnt come to school for a while she is badley sick and kate didnt mean for steph to become this sick and shes trying to ask god to make steph feel better.I wont tell you what happens next you will have to read the book to find out.

    My favourite part of the book is when kate talkes to god every night and tells him whats been going on during the day.

    I find the book really intresting to read because each time you stop at a chapter you really want to read on till the books ends.I really enjoyes this book lots.You would want to read it again and again its fantastic.

    I wouldnt change anything about this book i would leave it just the way it is.

    My favourite character is Kate because shes open minded she doesnt want to hurt anyones feelings and shes brave and friendly. Shes nice to everyone.


  19. this is my litreture book and i love it. i am so tempted to read it all and not stop where i am supposed to. i dont see why no one likes stephanie she is really pretty and nice. i cant wait to get rite into the book it looks soooooo good. i am angry when everyone picks on stephanie its mean and not nice. i want to read it all but i know i cant. reccomended for anyone who likes school yard books. so far i have to rate it a 4/5 but well have to wait and see how good it is when i finish it. HAVE FUN READING IT .XX


  20. I have just read the book Hello God and I thought it was amazing! It brought a tear to my eye. It was a fnatastic read and was exciting and very detailed! I dont read much but when i read this i thought it was amazing.
    The author is a very good author and should be presented a prize for that fabulous story.
    I rate Hello God 8 out of 10!


  21. This is a really moving book.
    Stephanie the dorky new girl is teased continuley, she just doesn’t fit in. Then when kate becomes “dorky” things start to change, she gets closerto steph, but all the talking to god backfirings, when something Kate asks comes true…

    This book will make you cry 😦
    Recommend to everyone who wants a book that will stay with them for a long time after they have turned the final page.


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