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  1. Alyssa said:

    Merlin is my absolute, favourite TV series. It brings a new take on the characters, where Arthur and Merlin are still young, just learning their trades. Every episode brings a new adventure that the main protagonist, Merlin, has to pursue to protect his master, Prince Arthur, and the future land of Albion. The storyline of all five seasons is well thought out, especially the forbidden romance between Arthur, the future King of Camelot, and Guinevere, who is Morgana’s (the King’s ward) servant,. 
    Each character has their own unique personality and bring the series to life.  Merlin with his courage and perseverance, Arthur’s courage and arrogance and Guinevere’s kind heart and wisdom.
    Merlin the TV series is full of action, drama and romance, and is the perfect series for anyone who loves medieval stories and the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
    I rate this series a 9/10 for it’s creative take on a legend that has been passed down for generations.


  2. I love Merlin and I love the fact that Merlin is young, whereas in the books he is older. He’s so funny and while Arthur is a “clot-pole”, they are a great pair. I love TV shows that don’t drag on too long, and each Merlin episode is like a new adventure, so that was good enough for me. The only problem was that the main issue was strung out too long, but despite that I loved it all. The only thing that annoyed me more than Morgana, was Uther. Anyway, 7/10.


  3. OMG!! I am like the Merlin’s series BIGGEST fan. I’ve watched every episode in every series!!! My favourite character would have to be of Course Merlin because his just looks like an ordinary slave for a prince but he is a dragon caller and a WIZARD. If you Like the Mythical essence of Harry potter then this is the Series for you!! I would recommend this book for people over the age of 6 (due to some scary scenes) But apart of that Merlin is The BEST tv show EVER!!!! I rate this 1000101010110010101000/10


  4. charli said:

    OMG I love merlin it is so awesome!! I love it how merlin pretends to be just a regular slave but he is actually has magical powers. It’s so nice how merlin always save Arthur even though he has treated him like a slave. I think it’s also quite funny because Arthur makes merlin do all this stuff but still they are sort of good friends. Sometimes merlin gets into trouble by trying to save Arthur which I find really nice and cute. I LOVE THIS MOVIE, I rate it 10/10 that’s how good it is. You have to watch this movie.


  5. Harriet RO said:

    Merlin is the best mythical TV series EVER!!. I love it with all my heart and soul. My favourite character is Merlin cause he’s so cute and cheeky. I can’t believe that arthur doesn’t know that he’s got magical powers and blames him for always being the clumsy one instead of his lifesaver. I guess that’s what makes Merlin seem so modest and Arthur seem so mean although I love Arthur too because he has a great personality and is really nice to most people (except Merlin…sometimes). I love how arthur and Merlin (royal and servant) have such a great bond with each other. I love every singe show that I’ve ever watched of Merlin equally and I would ball my eyes out if there was ever a last season of Merlin. I rate this show a 10/10 and recommend it to anyone who is 10 years +.
    I LOVE YOU MERLIN (colin morgan)!!! 🙂 your so cute!


  6. Merlin is a show that brings people together. No matter what interests they have, Merlin is always a TV show that caters for all types. Based on the medieval times, with a bit of a twist, Merlin is one of my favourite television shows ever. One of my favourite things about this show, is the way that nearly every episode ends with Merlin and Guyas Laughing. When watching Merlin, the character Gwen has always been an inspiration to me, but I have always adored each and every character! The characters each have their own distinct traits which really helps make up the show. I will always watch the ‘Merlin’ series, whenever I can! I always love a bit of magic and the show Merlin, is somewhat relatable to me. I cannot wait until the next season is back on television, and it’s a great family show! I rate this show a 10 out of 10! It is quite clearly so amazing! If I was going to change something about this show, it would be that I sometimes get a bit lost in the plot. Overall, it is an adventurous, comical, romantic show and is definitely worth seeing!


  7. Emily said:

    Merlin. One of the coolest movies ever.
    I dont have a favourite character because they are all wonderful.
    This move is almost like a medieval movie.
    I rate it a 4/5


  8. Kiarne said:

    Merlin is a fantastic series it is the one of the best t.v shows. Every episode i watch it’s always interesting and entertaining!! Merlin is about a boy called Merlin and he has mythical powers but can’t let anyone know the only person who does know his mythical powers is Guyas, and he helps him to use all his powers wisely. My favourite characters are probably Guyas, Gywane, Merlin, Arthur and the dragon they all are fantastic characters and all have their sad, happy and angry sides. Merlin is fantastic i rate this t.v series 9/10 i recommend you really start watching this t.v series!!!!


  9. Maddison said:

    Merlin was a very medieval movie. I have seen all the episodes and i thought that they were great. I really liked how they made the movie and i thought it was really clever of them to make the dragon and the magical powers. I recommend this for people over 10!:) My fav characters would def have to be Merlin.


  10. merlin! what can i say…. it is a no the most best mythical t.v series i have ever seen! if i was allowed i would watch EVERY episode 100000 times and i probably still find very, very interesting and cool!! the whole story line of the entire 4 series are superclifragilisticexpialidious it is just that good to me!!!!! My favourite characters would have to be gywane and percival the are so cute and they have very cool characteristics- gywane because he is hilarious and and even more hilarious and percival because he is really cool and brilliant at battle! 10 out of 10 there can’t be another ‘merlin’ like it!


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