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Honey is going to live with her dad in Australia. Determined to make a fresh start, she couldn’t be further away from the tough times at Tanglewood.
Her new life is a dream come true – until school begins. The girls are different from Honey’s friends in England and the only person who seems to understand her is the cute boy from the beach she’s chatting to online.
But when he, the girls at school and even her dad start breaking promises, who can she trust? All alone on the other side of the world, Honey’s past is about to catch up with her . . .

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Comments on: "Sweet Honey (The Chocolate Box Girls) – Cathy Cassidy" (2)

  1. Another great book from the Chocolate Box Girls series! Sweet Honey is great because it is a bit different from Cathy’s other books. It has the same hints of boys and friends and sisterhood, but this book has the extra issue of cyber safety and social media. An extra bonus – this book was set in Australia! I did find some of the Australian stereotypes irritating like the people wearing sandals to school and kids wearing zinc across their noses 24/7. I did think the storyline was very powerful though, and the twist at the end.. well.. I can’t wait for the next book! I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the others of the series. I’m giving it 8/10!


  2. Sweet Honey by Cathy Cassidy I read this book in two days it was one of the best books I have read in a long time. I loved the whole book from start to finish it continues from the series of The Chocolate Box Girls and this is the last one of the series. If you haven’t already read any of the other four I totally recommend them. Sweet Honey’s story line was fantastic all the twist and turns perfectly linked to the other books and gave you a bit more of an understanding about the families history. If I had to choose one part of the book that stood out it would have to be around the end of the book when everything kind of falls into place and see whats really happening. Definitely my favourite character is Honey she is off the rails, unpredictable and a rebel but once she moved to Australia that changed because she had messed up one too many times she wanted to start fresh but it all falls apart and I just love her strength to keep going. I am not like Honey at all but I like her the most because she is different I am drawn more towards her wanting to know what she will do next. I would recommend this book to any girl, any day. The perfect age group would be from year five to maybe year nine. They are the perfect series of books and once you read the first page you will be hooked especially if you enjoy reading about realistic type stories filled with family drama and hope.


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