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  1. I was thrilled to see that there was a continuation of the 1995 movie with this remaking . I Absolutetly love this movie and by far one of the most adventurous movies out there with lots of action packed scenes. But what really bought together this movie was the comedy eg. Dwayne Johnson aka. The Rock as a nerd. These little tweaks made this movie enjoyable for children and adults. I rate this a 10/10 as it is so cleverly made and great choice for any age!


  2. i really enjoyed the movie jumanji because it is so funny and it is very entertaining. my favourite part was when they got to chose there characters and Bethany chose a boy instead of a girl i found that part very funny. i would recommend this movie to people who love to have a good laugh and also experience adventure at the same time.


  3. This movie is a remake of the old Jumanji. I really loved the remake, especially because of the cast. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin hart this is movie is both funny and full of action. I think that this movie would appeal for most ages. 4 students get a detention, and whilst they are in it they discover an old game. They are pulled into the game where they are sent on a mission through the jungle. They face many different challenges on their journey. With only three lives, they have to overcome the challenges of surviving in the jungle. The characters all became closer because of the time that they had to spend together. I really liked this movie as it was really different and entertaining. My favourite character was Bethany because she changed from a pretty girl, obsessed with herself and grew into a more considerate and compassionate person. I would recommend this movie for people who like action/fantasy movies. I recommend it for ages 10+.


  4. I recommend the movie “Jumanji 2”.
    It is a thrilling movie with turns and twists, it’s a very funny movie involving the Rock, Keven Heart, Karen Gillian and Nick Jonas. The movie is about a group of people stuck in detention and they find a video game, they play it and get suck in the game. The game sets them on a journey to find something and on the way they find someone. This great bunch of people make the movie extremely funny and existing. Watching the characters do tasks they have never done before is hilarious.


  5. Layla said:

    This movie was hilarious, ALL of my favourite actors were in the movie. This movie gave me so many emotions during the movie. My favourite part of the movie is when they are at the market and when Moose Finbar explodes because he ate cake. This is defiantly a movie I recomend to all age groups. I also like how all the characters bond at the end they are all there for each other in the end. I give this movie a 100?10


  6. I absolutely love this movie. If you up for a bit of adventure, comedy and romance this is the perfect movie for you!!!! The characters are hilariously funny!!! This movie is light hearted and good fun. It is a really easy movie to watch!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as i did!!!!


  7. Mikaela said:

    JUMANJI!!! The magic word in this sequel movie to the 1996 movie staring the one and only, Robin Williams. This 2017 edition brings a modern twist to it having phones, high tech video games and modern slang.

    My favourite character is definitely, the jungle Bethany played by the hilarious Jack Black. Not to give any spoilers or anything… when they first start playing the video game, the high school phone obsessed Bethany chooses her character thinking that it was a girl but as soon as they got into the jungle, they realised that Professor Shelly Oberon is really a boy!! She/he had to suffer through being a boy and meeting the love of her/his life, Alex who is played by Nick Jonas. After finding out that he was about 20 years older than her she was heart broken, but when they were out of the game they met Alex and she was so happy when she found out that one of his daughters was named after her. Though out the movie Bethany shows that she is not just a phone obsessed girl, she is a warrior and a pretty funny person.

    I loved how they didn’t reck the Jumanji spirit and kept special key themes inside the game. I loved this movie and it was so funny and great!!


  8. Jumanji
    Jumanji is a hilarious adventure movie that has you cracking up the entire time. Only slightly similar to the original movie, the Jumanji video game sucks a group of high school students into it. They go on a scary, funny and challenging journey to complete each level and make it back to the real world. I love the movie and I think all the actors suited their characters perfectly. It was also great as the group brought together by this video game, began as people who were not even friends but after this experience a bonded together and will be for a long time. I recommend this movie as a great family movie for people aged 8+. I rate this movie a 10/10 🙂


  9. I would highly recommend the remake of Jumanji. Starring ‘The Rock’ and ‘Jack Black’. Throughly action-packed and humour filled the whole way through. A movie for the whole family, that is both visually entertaining and well scripted. Prepare yourself for the edge of your seat viewing and a journey through time.


  10. Morgan said:

    Jumanji was a really funny movie to watch they picked the characters perfectly. My favourite part in the movie was when Ruby had to dace in front of the two guys for the others to get inside to get a transport vehicle. My least favourite part in the movie was when Professor shelly oberon got eaten by an hippo because they really don’t need it in there. I would recommend this Movie to others because it is a great movie to watch. I rated this book 10-10 because it is a goo movie.


  11. Isabelle said:

    Jumanji is an awesome movie!! Better than the original if you ask me. I absolutely love the humour and suspense in this film. It is a great family movie, perfect for all ages. My favourite character is easily Professor Shelly Oberon, Jack Black. He plays such a funny character and I love how they made the girly girl turn into a boy because it made it very funny. The Rock, who plays Dr Smolder Bravestone, is also one of my favourite characters because of the way he overcomes his fears throughout the movie. Overall it is a fantastic movie that is sure to make you laugh. I would rate it a 9/10 because you can never get sick of it!!


  12. I love Jumanji, it has everything I love in a movie: action, adventure, comedy, fantasy etc. and fortunately this movie has all that too! I went to see this movie with my dad, my 16-year-old sister and my 12-year-old brother and we all loved it! Of course, Jumanji: welcome to the jungle isn’t better than the original Jumanji but it’s still really good. I like the idea of turning Jumanji into a video game in which the players get sucked into the game and literally become the avatars they chose and have to beat the game to leave it. As with real video games the characters each have their own strengths and weaknesses and 3 lives. I think it would’ve been better if the game actually had power-ups, extra lives etc. that the characters could get. The special effects are obviously better than the special effects in the original Jumanji since it was made nearly 20 years later. The acting is really good especially Jack Black as a teenage girl in a man’s body. The humour is pretty good too and the theatre I was in was laughing out loud in certain scenes. Some of the people in my packed theatre even stood up and applaud the movie at the end before leaving, I’ve only been to one other movie where several audience members at the theatre gave the movie a standing ovation at the end! Parents who are complaining about this movie not being kid-friendly need to remember that this movie is rated PG-13 and not PG like the original and therefore not targeted at younger children. The content of this movie is on par with any other PG-13 action movie, lots of fighting, gun violence and hand to hand combat. Definitely a 5/5 for the great movie and story choice.


  13. Alaska said:

    This movie left me in shock, tears and hysterical laughter, all at the exact same time!
    I completely loved the whole story and setting of the movie; it starts out with a typical school crew; the popular girl, the jock, the nerd and the smart girl (all who have never talked to each other) and then… BAM! They’re stuck in a video game where their lives are flipped upside down.
    The jock is now a geek, the pretty girl is fat and middle-aged, the nerd is a massive weight-lifting hero and the smart girl is now really gorgeous!
    I adore the turn of events and hilarious but action-packed scenes!
    9/10 rating – one of the best movies x


  14. This movie I highly enjoyed. I ave watched it twice and enjoyed it just the same as the first time I watched it. I really enjoyed it because of the way they kept the same idea of Jumunji but put into the 21st century which was interesting. I think the choice of characters and there actors where very smart. Having Jack Black play the professor but also being a woman is so great. It’s like the director has chosen the actors to play the complete opposite characters. The Rock playing the week nerdy kid is an example. This movie actually has a deep story. All of the characters would have never been friends or even talk to each other at school, but being in this game brought all the different stereo types together. I think tei movie is great for most ages and I rate it 9/10.


  15. this movie was a very funny one and definitely the character were picked perfectly. this movie showed a variety of different emotions but my favourite part was how the pretty girl that everyone like became the fat old guy and how she overcame her ego and ended out being a really nice person. I also like how the characters were not friends but after the experience they had a bond and would always smile at each other. Over all i loved this movie and would definitely recommend it to you.

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