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Writing a good review


What is a Review?

  • A  review is a collection of thoughts, feelings and opinions about a book you have read or a movie you have seen.
  • Reviews are helpful because they inform future others about books they may be interested in reading or movies they may like to watch.  Often, a  review will influence other people by telling them a little bit about what the book/movie is about, as well as if it is worth reading or watching!  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x
  • The most important thing to remember is that reviews DO NOT give away the ending or anything else that may spoil the book/movie for someone else!

What should I include in my review?

Below are some questions to guide your writing.

  • Did you like the book/movie?  Why? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • What was your favourite part of the book/movie?  Why?   xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Who was your favourite character?  Why?  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Can you relate to any of the characters in the story?  If so, how? xxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Do you have a least favourite part of the book/movie?  Why?xxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • If you could change something in the book/movie, what would it be?  xxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Would you recommend this book/movie to others?  Why?xWhy?xxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • What type of person would like this book/movie?  Why?

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  1. The Cry by Helen Fitzgerald
    The cry is a compelling, emotional and deceiving book and tv series that is extremely popular. This book will leave you feeling every kind of emotion of sadness to anger as well as confusion and frustration. The book is based off the story of a couple and their child a series of major events happen that leaves them exposed to the media and under questioning by the public. This has problems and of course there is other charters that have an effect too. The Cry is a fabulous book that I highly recommend, it may not be your kind of topic but it is based on mystery, crime and plays with emotions all in one. It is worth a read and it will hook you in right until the end.


  2. Julia P said:

    Zootopia – the movie

    watching Zootopia i really enjoyed the movie, even though it is classified a kids movie, it really sent a message to my head, believing in myself and if i have a dream, to really follow that dream no matter how hard it might seem.
    the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live and thrive. When Judy Hopps becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to fit in, and make everybody like her. She is constantly being put down and having to prove herself day in and day out.
    My favourite part of the movie would have to be when Judy got an investigation and she really worked hard to complete the investigation to her fullest ability. The adventure she went through was captivating and interesting.
    My favourite character would have to be Judy as she is a serious person and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is an extremely hard working person. I believe that i relate to Judy in a little way, i love finishing tasks and completing them and it is the same for Judy, she also loves to know answers and facts.
    this movie i would recommend to anyone that is doughting themselves. Because even though it is a cartoon show/characters it does send an important message. “to believe and never give up”


  3. Hannah said:

    Pitch Perfect 3- Movie
    Aca- Awesome!
    As the Barden Bella’s realise that they have all gone their different ways, a party brings them together to perform, but then they get rejected and Emily moves to the other group. But when Aubrey says that she can get them to sing again, the Bells’s all unite once again to sing at the USO concert for the army troops. But when they realise that all the other groups have instruments, they have to really put all their effort in to bring back the acapella magic they once had! With twists and thrills, this is a really fantastic third edition to the Pitch Perfect series! I would recommend it to all of you, but in particular people who have seen Pitch Perfect 1 and 2!


  4. Hannah said:

    I Feel Pretty- Movie
    Amy Schumer stars as Renee- A girl who struggles with self esteem and wishes that she could be like all the “beautiful” girls she always sees in public. One night, as Renee has her two best friends over, Jane and Vivian, they spark a conversation about how they only look for appearance in the dating world, and that no- one would review their description, so Renee makes a wish that she could be pretty, and later tat next day, it comes true. At Soul Cycle, Renee is empowered to start again and accomplish your dream. But, after falling off the bike and being unconscious, she discovers her true beauty within. This is a fantastic film about having a different attitude with being the same all at once. And I would highly recommend it to anyone about 2+ or so. 10/10!


  5. Hannah said:

    Escape from Cockatoo Island
    “I am in the middle of Sydney Harbour, stuck on this place the masters call Cockatoo Island… I am here because I am an orphan, but I cannot help feeling like I have been sent here for doing something wrong”. It’s 1879, Australia, and young Olivia Markham is an orphan, who is sent to Cockatoo Island, where she is forced hard labour of sewing, washing, and a strict, direct lifestyle. In search of freedom and finding her family, Olivia tries every possible way to escape this treacherous place of hate. But one day, when one of the boys goes missing, Olivia finds a little exit to Cockatoo Island. I recommend this book to anyone as the My Story/My Australian Story series is fantastic and the book is great.


  6. Greta said:

    Girl Online-
    This book is one of my favourite books. It is about a girl called Penny who lives in Brighton. Life for her isn’t going so well at home and school, she even starts to have panic attacks that she hopes doesn’t take over her life. Her family go away for Christmas in New York for her Mum’s job planning weddings. Penny meets Noah by accident and gradually they start to fall in love. But Penny doesn’t know the secret that Noah is keeping from her. My favourite character is Elliot, Penny’s best friend. I really like him because he is such a good friend to Penny and he is always there for her. He is very fashionable and has a bubbly personality. Her is so funny and he loves telling people random facts. My favourite part of this book is when Noah and Penny first meet, on “Magical Mystery Day”. It is a romance story about Noah and Penny. The places they go sounds really fun and the people who they meet are very nice. My least favourite character is Meghan because she is so mean and fake. She tries to make Penny’s life miserable and a lot of the time it worked. When Penny is always there for her. At the start of the book Penny so called best friend Meghan treats her like dirt and posts an embarrassing video of her on the internet. She makes fun of Penny all the time and makes her feel really bad about herself. I highly recommend this book to people all ages.


  7. Greta said:


    Risk is a story that is so action packed filled with dangerous, threatening events. It is so eyeopening and does educate us how nasty the online world can be, and how many sever consequences can happen if we don’t be careful. Taylor one of the main characters suddenly get’s sick of her friend Sierra as she got every little thing she wanted. Sierra begins chatting to some people online, just for the fun of it, this person is called Jacob Johns. They decided they both wanted to meet each other, so they went on a date, but did Sierra think before she went, no! After this date that everyone was talking about, Sierra never came back. This moment on I was so concerned and scared. They soon discovered that Jacob Jones, wasn’t really the person he was acting to be. He was a online predator, and did so many harsh things. Once reading this book it really opened my eyes and certainly warned me and most defiantly changed my thoughts about social media. It also made me aware of the critical online predators and how to keep myself safe if this frightening issue happened to me. At times while reading ‘Risk” I felt some frustration inside me as I don’t know why Sierra didn’t realise he wasn’t who he said he was when they spoke online. It also made me sad and shocked when Taylor didn’t take any action until a few days after Sierra failed to return from her date. If my friend told me she was going on a date and didn’t come back after a couple of days I would tell the police and other responsible adults straight away. I really think that the author used creative language and described the situation in really good depth, that I could imagine it so clearly. This book was a really enjoyable read for me even though it had a devastating ending. I had many may mixed emotions throughout this story, they were both bad and good. I will most defiantly recommend this book from teen and above as it can get a bit violent.

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  8. BoyHood – (Movie)
    I watched this movie on the weekend, and fell in love with it. It was really authentic, extremely creative and very original. This movie was filmed from when the main character, Mason, was just a little boy. (Five years old) The movie is about Mason’s life, and going through boyhood. Mason’s parents are divorced, and his mum keeps trying to find a boyfriend. Mason is dragged along with his sister, father and mother through life. I can relate to this movie because I have a younger brother, and I can see how he relates to Mason. I can’t relate through having divorced parents, but you get to experience Mason’s point of view on life’s struggles. The movie ends when Mason is about 20 years old – when he goes off to college. It doesn’t have the best ending, but I loved the Movie. My favourite character would have to be Mason’s dad, Mason. He is so kind and sweet with a big heart. At the start of the movie, he seems distant and the kind of guy who doesn’t care about his kids. But as the movie progresses, you will grow to love him. Overall, I rate this movie a 4/5!!!


  9. Blended – Movie
    This movie is a captivating comedy that will make you laugh until you cry. This movie is about a recently divorced mother (Drew Barrymore plays Lauren) and a widowed dad (Adam Sandler plays Jim) who are forced to go on a blind date that doesn’t go very well. They don’t really want to see each other ever again, however they end up purchasing one half of the same vacation package at a South African Resort! They are then forced to participate as a family and do family activities together. Will they ‘Blend’??? This movie is really funny. My favourite character was Lauren, as she reminded me of my aunty! She was really sweet, but had really good comebacks for rude comments. Overall, I rate this movie a 3/5!


  10. Divergent:
    My favourite trilogy, Divergent, grips you from the very beginning. I loved every minute of it! Once you begin reading, you cannot put it down. It is about a city that consists of 5 factions – Abnegation, Dauntless, Candor, Erudite, and Amity. Tris, (Beatrice) was bought up as an Abnegation child, and now has the opportunity to choose a faction she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Aptitude Tests are meant to identify what faction you belong to, but the serum does not work on Tris. She is Divergent as her results show 3 factions. This is dangerous for Tris. If you are a lover of action and adventure books, then you will absolutely LOVE this novel. I give this series a 5 out of 5!


  11. The Fault in Our Stars:
    This book is my favourite book ever. And I am NOT exaggerating! The story is about a girl named Hazel. She is diagnosed with cancer in her lungs at a young age, and now survives with one lung. This captivating novel bought me to floods of tears (Honestly, I cried non-stop for an hour) so if you are into a bit of romance or comedy or tear jerkers, this is the perfect book for you. Hazel meets this boy named Augustus Waters at her support group. Gus used to have cancer, but sacrificed his leg to get rid of it. This heart-warming story leads you on an emotional roller coaster – you will cry, smile and laugh as John Green takes you on a journey you will never forget. A hands down 5 out of 5!


  12. Hunger Games:
    I read this book and instantly fell in love with it! I read the whole series within a week! This gripping novel captures you from the start, and once you start, there is no going back. The story is about a girl named Katniss, who is forced to fight to the death in the Hunger Games until only one remains. There are 12 districts, and every year one boy and one girl are chosen from each district to go into the arena to fight. My favourite part of this book was (if you haven’t read this book yet, then don’t read this next part!) when Katniss told Peeta to eat the berries to save them both. I think that was a really significant event in the book, as it is the key to the series. I think the type of person that would like this book would be someone who loves a book that keeps you on the edge of your chair dying to know what will happen next. I think also if you like a bit of romance or adventure, this is definitely the book for you. Overall, I rate The Hunger Games a 4/5!


  13. Julia P said:

    blended – the movie

    Blended is a fantastic movie that i have watched so many times, it is a romantic, comedy movie. The reason i loved Blended is because it has one of my favourite actresses, Drew Barrymore, i also loved the movie because it made me feel the need to go on a holiday like that. Both family’s go on such an adventure, seeing knew animals, and meeting knew people.
    I am a person that loves staying in a hotel and when seeing where the families stayed, the hotel looked immaculate.
    Blended the movie is about, Divorcee Lauren Reynolds goes on a blind date with Jim Friedman, it goes badly. Lauren and Jim have friends that planned to go on a holiday to Africa, however they brake up and give there tickets to Jim and Lauren, not knowing that they will run into each other, while in Africa. When they find themselves in Africa the families are put together for a “blended family moon.
    Thy don’t like each other at the start but as the trip goes on they tend to grow close to each other.
    My favourite part of the movie would have to be when they first arrive in Africa and they run into each other.
    I would recommend this movie to all young kids, it is a definite family movie.


  14. Grace A said:

    The Man from Snowy River:

    ‘The Man from Snowy River’ is high up on the list of my favourite movies! It one of my favourite, classic Australian movies that make you feel proud to be Australian!
    ‘The Man from Snowy River’ is a traditional Australian movie filmed in Victoria’s high country (around Mansfield and Merrijig). It is about the main character Jim Craig who lost his mother and father at a young age. He begins to work for a living for himself by working at the wealthy Harris