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To see this week’s questions, and to submit your answers, just click  hereYou need to submit your answers by Sunday, 4.00 pm, each week. 

To earn a credit toward a house point, all 10 questions must be correct.

5 credits = 1 house point

Good luck and happy researching!

 Questions for Week 35


1.  A nutmeg pod is depicted on the flag of which country?

2.  Which city would you be in if you were playing tennis at the Memorial Drive Park tennis centre? 

3.  What name is given to a bottle that holds six litres?

4.  Wunda is a large crater on the surface of which moon of Uranus?   

5.  How many elevators does the Empire State Building have?

6.  Which actor provides the voice of Genie in Disney’s animated movie “Aladdin”?  

7.   The red food-colouring carmine is extracted from which source?  

8.  Which country banned “The Simpsons” in 2006?    

9.  Which of the following countries is NOT located on the Arabian Peninsula: Djibouti, Yemen or Bahrain?   

10. The late Michael Jackson was known as the ‘king of pop’, but who is considered ‘the queen of pop’?


ENTRIES CLOSE: 4 pm Sunday

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