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Comments on: "Avengers: Endgame (movie)" (9)

  1. this movie really hit me in the feels. i have no words to describe what had happened. for me honestly i think this is a really great movie for mcu fans, because it shows the power for woman in one scene were all the female marvel characters are standing there tryna save the universe, and i think thats great, it’s honestly the best message ever that they are showing for younger kids, saying that women are just as powerful as men and can change and “save” the world. endgame overall is just one of the best movie in existence. even though it goes for 3 hours, it’s totally worth watching it because i know that people will get the same feeling as i did. IT’S A GREAT MOVIE!!


  2. Shilah said:

    This was such an amazing and exciting movie to watch and one of the best in 2019


  3. Sophie said:

    Well, what can I say? Words can’t describe the beauty, the brilliance and the phenomenal impeccability of this movie. There are not many words that can describe this movie but emotional is definitely one of them, sadness, joy, excitement, fear, anger, the roller coaster continues. The visual effects in Endgame are top notch, the soundtrack brings tears to my eyes and the acting can’t be flawed. Honestly you have to watch this movie for yourself to really gain an idea of the history that’s being made through this film. It has stopped the nation, enticed millions of fans and created unforgettable memories. The character development in this film is like no other, to conclude the decade of the original avengers takes some skill, and to close off all unanswered storylines is pure talent. I really can’t appreciate this film enough. The only thing that bothers me about this immaculate movie is how one of the characters was basically the saviour for all and didn’t exactly get the recognition they deserved in the aftermath, but I won’t spoil it and mention the characters name or what to me wasn’t doing their life justice.

    Overall, this movie is really worth a watch, after all it is the top grossing film of all time, so it has to be good right? 😉


  4. Wow, where do I start? This is an absolutely brilliant movie. There is so much suspense and action and adventure and it is so great. After Thanos snaps his fingers and removes 50% of the universe, the world is in shambles and only half of the avengers remain. They decide to try to go back in time to get the stones and snap back all of the people they lost. I love how all of the characters have to work together to get the stones back and I enjoyed watching all of the events that happened years ago. I also liked how some people met others from different times. There are some really sad moments in the movie but I think that that just adds to the feeling of it. My favourite part was at the end when everyone came back and they had the big battle against Thanos. There was a lot of teamwork and it was really good to see everyone working together. I rate this a 10/10 and I recommend it to people older than 13.


  5. Marvel Endgame, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME. I loved this movie and I definitely don’t regret watching it. There is something going on at every point in the movie and you just cant look away!!! My favourite part of the movie is when the Avengers all team up and defeat Thanos, this is such an amazing part in the film and the teamwork is exceptional. I couldn’t recommend this movie more for people 12+ I would definitely have to give this movie a 10/10.


  6. Best movie of 2019. The final movie towards the original Avengers story. Packed with a lot of comedy, emotions and drama what a movie to watch. This movie truly was amazing to watch and i would continuously watch it again. The way the film is made makes it feel like 2:30 is only 1:30 because you get so into the story that has been created yo don’t even think about how long you have been watching this film. I truly believe that unlike other film series endings this truly raps everything up. I would recommend this to any and every audience to watch but be warned even my 7-year-old brother was crying next to me as I looked like a crazy person in the cinema crying. 10/10 for me.


  7. Avengers: Endgame is a phenomenal film which I recommend to everyone unless you have no idea what it’s about. If you’re a marvel fan like I am it will put your hearts to rest to know the ending of this series. It’s heartwarming but definitely brings a few tears to your eyes. Avengers: Endgame is a long film going for 3 hours but every scene is worth it. You will see all of favourite heroes come together in the hopes of defeating Thanos. A personal favourite hero of mine is Black Widow who is strong confident and empowering to women. She doesn’t have the happiest story throughout but you will love that her story is wonderful and puts your mind to rest. Another star character in the film is Tony Stark. Ironman is a classic beloved character who shows you that one can change their ways from a self-centred person to the hero of the story. I can’t stress enough that you have to make sure you see Infinity War before Endgame or else it won’t make sense. The performances by all of the actors is phenomenal and all of the production is outstanding. As much as I would recommend seeing all 22 other films before this film you have to be very dedicated, but, no doubt you will love this film 3000. 10/10. Absolutely outstanding


  8. I am a big fan of the marvel universe and this movie is a fantastic end to over a decade of amazing marvel movies. The movie was captivating from the start and i can honestly say I was never bored during the film. Movies like this, with a large cast of extremely popular and distinct characters, can often not be done right and certain character can get drowned out or under represented. This movie, and Infinity War before it, did a great job of highlighting all characters and offering a special role to each. The movie had a great (and very sad) ending and leaves me hopeful of the future of marvel movies. I would rate this movie a 10/10 and think it is one of the great movies of our generation.


  9. WOW, This is literally one of the best movies of all time, There is so many amazing parts and you won’t regret watching it. There is so much going on and you just can’t look away at any point in the film because you may miss something. My favourite part of the movies is when the Avengers all team up and defeat Thanos, this is such an amazing part in the film and the teamwork is exceptional … it is the must watch movie of the year and I would recommend it for people 10 – 12 +. I would give this movie a solid 10/10 .


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