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  1. Maggie said:

    Full house is a hilarious American classic TV show, set in the 90’s. It is about the Tanner family, who go through many ups and downs. There is the dad Danny, oldest DJ, middle sister Stephanie, youngest sister Michelle, uncle Jesse, Dannys friend Joey and more people join the house as the show goes on. It is a perfect family watch, as it is positive, funny and completely relatable! I would highly recommend this if you love humour and classic American shows. 10/10!


  2. I love this show because it is about a big household fulled with heaps of people. It is always so interesting as for example after you finish the first episode of season 1 you just want to watch more. This is a classic show to watch on a rainy day with the family. I could watch it all day if i had the time and plus i’ve watched all the episodes 3 times. Overall, I think if you haven’t yet watched this show you need to.


  3. Full house is a hilarious American sitcom that is definitely for the whole family. I absolutely adore this series as I find it extremely entertaining with amazing characters. This series follow three girls Michelle, Stephanie and DJ Tanner growing up with their recently widowed father Danny Tanner, their uncle Jesse and Danny’s best friend Joey. You get to watch these young girls grow up and face life situations which deals with serious issues whilst also bringing life and humour to the show. I recommend his series as it is full of humour and raises awareness to issues going on in the world. There are also amazing characters which you will fall in love with. A common person Jesse, who is played by John Stamos. My favourite part about watching this series is watching all the characters learn about who they want to become. What’s great about this series is that you can watch the episodes as a stand alone or watch the whole series. The scripts are written incredibly and the only bad part about this series is that it has been taken off NETFLIX! Do whatever you can to watch this series because it is worth it and will have you laughing for days after. 10/10!!!


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the TV show Full House i have watched every season like 5 times! It is made in the late 80s to 1995 and as well has having 8 season there is a show called fuller house which has been recently made just like full house. It is about a family of 3 little girls and there dad, there mum unfortunately dies and the dad is stuck not knowing what to do so he calls in 2 friends to live with them. They end up all rising there families in this house, it is a comedy for the family, everyone will love it but i would recommended not for to little kid thought. I give it a 9/10. It is a great show I definitely recommend it.


  5. sophie said:

    full house is a hilarious family sitcom that was made in the 1980s. it follows the lives of three girls, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle, and their single dad, Danny. we watch them grow up and experience real-life situations while also having a lot of laughs along the way. with the help of Danny’s best friend and joey and brother in law Jessie, it makes for a very jam-packed and exciting show. as well as entertaining the show also helps us learn about more serious things like peer pressure, bullying, and drink driving and teaches kids the importance of these things. I would highly recommend this show if you are looking for a real laugh. 10/10


  6. Full house
    This tv show is genuinely so funny, from the moment I watch the first episode I knew I had to watch the whole thing and I was easily addicted. This show is about a Dad who has 3 daughter D.J, Stephanie and Michelle, they grow up without a mum but with the help of his best friend Joey and brother-in law Jessie (who is obsessed with Elvis Presley”. This show is very funny and the characters always seem to be having a good time. Through the seasons we get to see the girls grow and meet new characters and see how there lives have changed so much from the beginning. Full house is a 90’s classic starring some of the best characters from the 90’s. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone as it is very family friendly and a great easy watch.


  7. B R E E said:

    Full House. This is one of my all time favourite T.V shows. It has everything you could want: Romance, Drama, Mystery, Humour, you name it Full House has got it. There is eight seasons, so it is hard to say what my favourite part is, however my favourite episode is in Season 4, in this episode a letter from a secret admirer is passed around the family. I can relate to Stephanie because she is the middle child and so am I. I would definitely recommend this series. I think people with a good sense of humour would especially love this series.


  8. Mikayla said:

    I love this show it is about a dad who is trying to raise his 3 girls after his wife died. But he can’t do it alone with the help of this best friend Joey and his brother is law Jessie they raise the girls. This is a funny show about a group of people living in a mad house. As they grow up you get to meet some new friends/family. This is a classic 90s show with all the twist and turns of life the fun part, the mean unfair part and the romantic part of life. I highly recomend this show for any age.


  9. Full house is such a great series! It’s an easy going, light, bubbly, family friendly show. It focuses on positive moments in life and the harsh realities, all the while being happy and working their way through it. Full house is great to watch when you want to have a bit of a laugh and just relax. My favourite character in this has to be Kimmy as she is funny, and a great friend to DJ. Danny is also really funny with his cleaning obsession (and to make Michele clean! Wow!). Overall I love this series and it’s great to watch over and over again. I rate it a 10/10 and recommend it to all age groups as it is family friendly in general!


  10. The 90’s TV series Full House which you can find on Netflix is a great series. It is about the Tanner family and everyone else who lives under their roof, (the characters can vary and change a lot between all the 8 seasons). The main characters of this series how ever are:
    .Danny Tanner
    .DJ Tanner
    .Stephanie Tanner
    .Michelle Tanner
    .Joey Gladstone
    .Jesse Katsopolis
    .Rebbeca Donaldson
    .Kimmy Gibbler
    In this crazy house hold are genres of drama, comedy and to sum it up its like your classic American TV show. This is a great show to watch and you really get attached to certain characters through its genius scripts and plots. I would recommend this series for ages 10+ how ever, even if you’re way older and you’re reading this don’t let that put you off because I think that nearly everyone would enjoy this show; boys and girls all ages. In short this is a very funny series that I could watch all day.


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