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  1. this a tv series focused on 3 children one older girl named violet is incredibly smart and is destined to be an engineer the middle child is a boy named Klaus, Klaus has read every book known to man about everything, the youngest child is Sunny she is a baby girl she can not talk English yet but speaks gibberish that her siblings understand. One day these children went down to the beach and received the news that they were now orphans and their parents had been killed in a fire that had now left them orphans and homeless. After this the children a sent to an evil crook named Count Olaf he is a horrible actor that is determined to receive the fortune that the parents left behind the buadleries change houses and meet new guardians that end up dead. This book is a mystery and is very exciting and I recommend it 4/5


  2. I would recommend the tv show ‘A series of unfortunate events’ It is hilarious to watch and it always keeps you thinking. There are 8 episodes so far but it gets you hooked and makes you want more. The series is based of the book ‘A series of unfortunate events’ and keeps the similar storyline although there are some songs in the show. I would recommend this show to anyone who like something that keeps them on the edge of their seat. I think that this show is good for year 7-10 and I hope that anyone who watches it enjoys as much as I did.


  3. Kathleen said:

    I don’t mind this series but it’s not my favourite. i prefer the movie to the show. I stopped watching after the third episode because to me it was a bit too boring. I just feel like they were trying to stretch the episodes out too long. Count Olaf to me was sort of bit too nice in a way. In the movie count olaf was strict and creepy but this one he isn’t as much. I give the show 5/10


  4. Emily said:

    I absolutely loved the tv show version of A Series Of Unfortunate Events especially since I am a big fan of the books and the movie version but I really loved this series. I watched the whole season in one day, from the first episode I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching. The storytelling in the tv show is unlike the other two formats as it is unexpected what will happen even for those who’ve read the books. Another thing I loved was the theme song used in the show and the casting for the characters. I also loved how they made it all look so dreary with very limited amounts of colour used througout the show. I really hope they make another season, as I enjoyed this season so much. I highly recommend this show to everyone, the way it is presented is unparallel to any show I’ve watched and will leave you wanting more. I rate it a 9/10.


  5. I love the movie a series of unfortunate events because there was a twist in the last first minute and the uncle doesn’t give up but in the end the kids have to defeat him herself without the help of any adults and in the end they do it they defeat him and find a great home that they can spend there life with without being miserable.

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