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  1. The Lion King is a great movie. I was discussing it with my friends and we all agree that this is one awesome film. Every time a new live action movie is released, I want to see it straight away! It’s just like the original, but I personally think this one has more depth in it. I love how each animal looks like how it does in real life. It’s amazing how they can get it to look so real! This is one of my favourite movies as well as the original one. My favourite scene is when Simba becomes king, and everyone bows to him. He’s is an amazing character in this movie and I love him so much! This one definitely made me reach for tissues. Both the movies are spectacular and I know I’m going to watch it so many more times!
    I recommend this movie to anyone who likes the original one. Its the same but different. I think anyone and everyone should se it. Its a great movie.


  2. Charli said:

    The modern lion king is simply just breathtaking. Throughout the film it is surrounded by good nature and you can practically see all the fur on the animals. It’s just amaing and gives you chills as the camera brushes through the grass. It’s hard to believe that it’s all been created in a studio and it’s not all real life. My favourite part of the movie are the singing scenes! I love when the lion sings!


  3. The 2019 lion king was outstanding. I was so impressed with the animation quality that they produced and I had to remind myself multiple times throughout the movie that it is was animation. I loved this film because it brought back so many childhood memories and I think that everyone has seen the original so it will be the same for you too. I was so impressed with how they managed to keep everything nearly identical but do it in a new modern way. I was very shocked by how realistic everything was and think that you should defiantly give it a watch. If you loved the original movie then you will also love the 2019 version. EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!


  4. I loved this movie as a kid, so when I found out that there was going to be a live action version of the lion king, I was so excited. I think that it is just amazing how the creators are able to make characters that look so much like the real life animals. I think that this story is timeless, and the characters are just gorgeous. I really love the music and the songs incorporated in the film, because it just adds another element of freshness and builds the tension like no other movie. The storyline is beautiful, and is basically a film about growing up, accepting your mistakes and growing into a person that you are accepting of. I think that it is awesome how the lion’s are so life-like and all of the characters are the same as the original. I love the song ‘Circle of Life’, because it was scene for scene the same as the original, except only in real life. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that some of the songs were cut short, which I felt like didn’t make the film as intense as the original was. I think that the sound effects were amazing, the roars of the lions were really real, and some of the characters looked so great. I love the cast in this movie as well. Childish Gambino as Simba, and Beyonce as Nala, were a great combination, and they sounded great together. I love how in the end Simba has to face his past, and overcome everything he was running from. And it is a great life lesson for smaller kids. I would recommend this movie for kids from 5 and up. I just find this movie so moving and family friendly. And I would rate it a 8/10. I really loved it, and it did the original justice!


  5. The recreation of the Lion King, has very good animation which has obviously improved from the original version. Out of the two versions, I would prefer the most recent because when you are watching the movie, it feels like you are inside of it. Although I do know that it is an animation, it is very good because it is like what you would see in the African Savannah, with hundreds of animals living around you. My favourite part of the movie is when Rafiki puts the coconut liquid on his head and says “Simba”. I like this part of the movie because it shows the relationship between two animals who are very different and you see Simba as a small lion cub who is very cute and adorable. My favourite character in this book is Simba because of the bravery he shows when he is both a lion cub and a grown adult lion. He is never afraid to do anything and will stand up for what he believes in and what is right. This is shown right throughout the movie when Nala and Simba are walking through the dessert when they are little. Simba is willing to go and explore the elephant grave yard which no lion cub has ever seen before. I would recommend this movie to ages 4 and above because little children like the animals shown and older viewers can understand the message behind it all.


  6. Ashlyn said:

    The lion king has always been one of my favourite movies ! The lion king has a great storey line that I enjoy and love to bits it gets me everytime I watch it. This lionking had a very similair storey line to the first one if not the same. However With all the charcters real animals and not cartoon it made it feel so alive and real. Its unbelievable the feeling you get when watching this movie. All the characters show so much courage and bravery overcoming the challenges they face throughout the movie. This movie can be quite sad at times but it was all worth it. This movie teaches you so much and is forever keeping you on the edge of your seat. I defiantly would recommend this movie !


  7. When this realistic version of the Lion King came out, I was sure it would be as loved as the classic everyone loves but I was indeed wrong. With the same storyline as the original some of my favourite characters were really brought to life with all the excellent animation and cinematography. It truly does make you feel as though the animals are talking and that you are at Pride Rock! I especially loved the music as it always resinates with me as it brings back memories from the Disney classic. I will never tire of this movie. I would definitely recommend it to people of all ages!


  8. the lion king was one of my favourite films growing up, so when I heard that Disney was coming out with a new (and improved) version of the film I was ecstatic. in the beginning, I was slightly nervous for the release as I was unsure as to whether or not the movie was going to be any good or if they would ruin it, I was completely wrong. honestly the new lion king is currently one of my favourites Disney films, it is a mixture of love, heartbreak, scary and you never know what to expect. Personally, I liked how the new film followed a similar, if not the same storyline as the previous, old Lion king. the film follows Simba and his lifelong journey to find his way back home to his homeland where he reunites with his mother and best friend. Simba is challenged with many difficulties along the way but always seems to make it out somehow. I would 100% reccoment this film to anyone especially people who love an adventurous movie where you are constantly on the edge of your seat.


  9. Morrissey said:

    I have always been a massive Disney fan and when they made the live-action films I wasn’t sure that they’d be any good… but I was wrong. It was the same storyline but had a new flare to it as if it was a totally different movie yet I loved it. My favorite character had to be Timone the meerkat. He says so many funny lines and is just so so cute. My least favorite character is scar though… he kinda freaked me out. The whole movie had so many cute scenes but my favorite had to be the good old Hakuna Matata. It was so funny and the singing was on point but my least favorite scene was Mufasa’s death. It made me cry so much. I give this movie 4 and 1/2 stars as it is amazing and I would recommend it for all ages as it’s family-friendly for kids but has some jokes for adults in there too


  10. Monique said:

    This year the new Lion King was released. I personally love the Lion King and when the new Lion King came out I just knew that it would be amazing… and it was. At the start of the movie it was a sad time for all the animals as Simba’s father sadly died and Simba was accused of doing it says his uncle Scar who didn’t really care and told Simba to never return. Simba embarks on a new journey not knowing where he is going but is never going back. That’s when he meets Pumbaa and Timon and they take Simba in under their wing and teachs him their ways of living. Later Simba comes in contact with his best friend Nala and she convinces him to come back to the pride lands to become king because life wasn’t the same and there was no food or water for the animals. Simba has got some help realising who he was and how he needs to fix this and become king again. I know it sounds like I have explained almost everything and you may already know what happens because you may have see the original Lion King but I do think it is worth while going to see it.


  11. This was a great movie with a cute and easy to follow story line. The characters were all different and somewhat relatable. Simba the main character and my personal favourite showed the courage and bravery to lead but also the fear and the feeling as though he is not good enough. At the beginning of the movie there was a sad death of an important character meaning that Simba had to step up but instead ran and felt responsible for this. This caused him to never want to return but in the end with the help of a close friend he did return and defeated scar showing that he is courageous and good enough. I would highly recommend this movie.


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