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Comments on: "Kung Fu Panda (movie)" (4)

  1. WOW!! is all I can say. I would have never imagined I could like a cartoon as much as this one. Hands down the best-animated movie I have ever watched.

    It was recommended by a friend to watch this one and I am so glad I did. Even watching this for the first time in a 16 year old I really enjoyed it. What is also great about it is that it is a movie for literally all ages and would be a great one to watch with younger kids but for you to still be able to enjoy.

    Overall this was so entertaining and would definitely be something I would watch again.
    (ps the 2nd Kung Fu Panda is just as good)


  2. I recommend this movie to anyone for all genders as it a great funny happy and has a great moral to the movie. Po is a panda that accidentally gets chosen to fulfil and ancient prophecy. Po works in a noodle shop with his dad and dreams of becoming a kung fu hero like Tigress, Viper, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Master Shifu. After Po discovers he is not right for the job he strives and becomes the best he cane be. Definitely a 10/10


  3. Felvia said:

    I really loved this movie even though it is animated because it was really engaging and I enjoyed watching this movie. My favourite part would’ve been when po (panda) looked into the scroll and gained power and Tailong could not hit him for when he does, it tickles the panda and doesnt hurt po. My favourite character is Tigress. Even though she is grumpy and aggresive most of the time, she is very serious about Kung Fu and I love that about her. I could probably relate to Tigress because at home, I am very serious and not that kind to my brothers. I don’t have a least favourite part and don’t want to change anything in the movie because this movie was just perfect. I recommend this movie to all ages and rate it a 10/10. I would also recommend this movie to all those who love kung fu and animals :). Have Fun and Enjoy The Film!! I am pretty sure you will.


  4. I recommend “Kung Fu Panda” to children aged 6 – 12 for both genders. It is a animated comedy that will have you begging for breath you’ll be laughing so hard.
    My favourite character is was the main character; Po. He was just so funny! I loved the way he was never scared to dream, and really enjoyed watching his character grow. Po gave a message to the audience that making your dream reality is not easy, it requires a lot of hard work.
    I would rate this movie a 10/10 and believe it’s a film worth watching.


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