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  1. I loved this movie! It made me cry and laugh at the exact same time! It was so amazing to see Bailey’s (the main character) personality grow and shine through all types of different dogs. I recently just got a puppy and I really connected to this movie. Through this film and my real-life experiences, I realised how selfless and beautiful dogs are. They are always so loyal to their owners. Like Bailey was to Ethan! Overall this was amazing. I would rate it a 10/10! I definitely recommend this movie if you love dogs and adventure. Just to let you know Make sure you grab some tissues before you start watching!


  2. sophie said:

    i love this movie so much. there were many moments where I was shocked, laughed, and cried. this is an awesome family movie and I would totally recommend it. i remember watching it for the first time and I loved it. i have watched this so many times and rate it a 10/10 must watch!


  3. Grace said:

    (WARNING THERE IS SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW!) This book is possibly the saddest and happiest movie I’ve ever watched!

    It is about a dog with many names, every time Bailey (he/she original name) dies he/she is reincarnated into another body (of a dog) sometimes he/she is a boy and sometimes he/she is a girl. When he/she was first born his name was Bailey and he was a golden retriever puppy adopted by a young boy named Ethan, as Ethan grew up and became an old man, Bailey continued to die, and be reincarnated! Ethan had a nickname for Bailey and it was Boss dog, every time Bailey was re-born he/she tried to find Ethan and somehow every time Ethan knew it was his boss dog.
    The second time bailey was born she was a German Shepard police dog named Ellie. Her owner was kind but very strong and stubborn on the outside, he was a police officer and had clearly been thought some trauma. This was particularly sad because unfortunately while they were working Ellie got shot and sadly died.
    She was reborn for the third time as a cute little corgi named Tino. Tino was owned by a Colledge student and overall had a great life, except he was being a little bit overfed!
    We’ll skip to the last life because otherwise, this review would go on forever! In His/her last life he/she was a huge st. Bernard and he found his way back to Ethan, it was an emotional reunion and to be completely honest. it made me cry!!!

    I would recommend this to anyone that’s 6+ because it’s very emotional but then again it’s dogs, what kid doesn’t LOVE dogs! I rate this a 10/10 because it not only has a great storyline but the acting and filming is amazing!


  4. This is the happiest and saddest movie I have ever watched. I cried and I laughed. I really loved how they showed the lives of so many different dogs, but the voiceinchanged. It showed a great message of how different dogs lives can be, living in different familes. It made me want to cuddle my dogs, and made me wish I could speak to my dogs.
    It a great movie or book for all dog lovers and is a movie for the whole family.


  5. I loved this movie it is literally so cute and it is like one of my favourites movies, this dog’s lives are so meaningful and he has helped so many different people. this movie is such an emotional rollercoaster at multiple points in the film I found myself crying, this is such a sweet and meaningful story and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good movie to watch with friends or family.


  6. I loved this movie, it had true meaning to me because I have a dog so I really enjoyed it. My favourite part of the movie would have to be when Bailey reunites with his owner, and it was very emotional at that point. This movie was so good and Bailey the dog made it that much better especially since he is my favourite character. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a love for dogs but also a love for any animals.

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  7. I loved this movie because I adore dogs, they are my favourite animal in the whole world, and this movie is all about dogs which is amazing
    My favourite part of the movie would have to be when Bailey finds his original owner, after all he’s been through and the having to be away from him for a very long time.
    My favourite character would be Bailey because he was so playful and kind, he was also very determined to find Ethan (his owner).
    I would definitely recommend this movie who love dogs and adore them like me or people anyone who’s looking for a half happy half sad movie to watch.
    Overall this movie is amazing so go watch it!


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