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Before, I was a million things. Now I’m only one. The Burned Girl.

Ava Lee has lost everything there is to lose: Her parents. Her best friend. Her home. Even her face. She doesn’t need a mirror to know what she looks like–she can see her reflection in the eyes of everyone around her.

A year after the fire that destroyed her world, her aunt and uncle have decided she should go back to high school. Be “normal” again. Whatever that is. Ava knows better. There is no normal for someone like her. And forget making friends–no one wants to be seen with the Burned Girl, now or ever.

But when Ava meets a fellow survivor named Piper, she begins to feel like maybe she doesn’t have to face the nightmare alone. Sarcastic and blunt, Piper isn’t afraid to push Ava out of her comfort zone. Piper introduces Ava to Asad, a boy who loves theater just as much as she does, and slowly, Ava tries to create a life again. Yet Piper is fighting her own battle, and soon Ava must decide if she’s going to fade back into her scars . . . or let the people by her side help her fly.

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Comments on: "Scars like wings – Erin Stewart" (2)

  1. “Scars like wings” is definitely a great book. It is about Ava, a 16 year old girl who was burnt in a fire. Both of her parents died in the fire and her cousin Sara was killed as well. She had been homeschooled since the fire and she hasn’t kept in touch at all with friends from before the fire. That’s the way Ava looks at her life. Ava before the fire, and Ava after the fire. Her doctor recommends going back to high school, and that’s where the story really gets interesting. I really love this book because it has so many ups and downs and it really made me think that sometimes we don’t really see who people are on the inside. Scars like wings is also a great book because it contains romance, secrets, drama and heartfelt stories. I really did love the way Piper, (Ava’s friend at school) didn’t ever let anyone push Ava down and was always so positive. I would definitely recommend this book to people who love a nice heartfelt book. I would rate this book 7/10.


  2. “wings like scars” is an amazing book, about a girl who was caught in a fire and her whole family, passed away in the fire, Her aunty is left to take care of her whilst trying to battle the sadness of losing her daughter in that fire as well. This girl decided to give school a go and trying to heal herself make some friends. This amazing book is about Sarah and her struggles to give life a go whilst trying to get through this tragedy that she didn’t mean to survive.


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