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  1. Guardians of the galaxy:
    I absolutely loved this movie. Guardians of the galaxy, in my opinion, is the best marvel movie of all. It has fun engaging characters that will leave you laughing. Each character is wonderfully unique. We have peter quill who was taken from the earth at eight-years-old there’s Gomora the adopted daughter of the most dangerous being in the universe, Rocket, a genetically modified raccoon, Groot a giant tree-like creature who can only say one sentence( I am Groot) and Drax who’s on a mission to avenge his family. altogether they make a hilarious combo.
    This film is so loaded with comedy, thrills, and adventure, I’ve watched it countless times and still love it. It also had the best soundtrack
    Behind all the humor and action is a message of teamwork and friendship I’m not often a big fan of sci-fi but I loved this film I would really recommend this movie to others.


  2. I think Guardians of the Galaxy is a great movie. It is very interesting and so funny. It follows Peter Quill who is super funny and is the perfect actor for the role. You meet Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot. I love all of the characters and I think that all of them together makes for a brilliant movie. I think the balance between humour and action is hard to get right in some movies but I think the creators of Guardians of the Galaxy have got it just right. My favourite character is probably Groot because he is so funny how he can only say 3 words and at the end he is so sweet. I absolutely loved this movie and I give it a 10/10 and recommend it to everyone looking for a laugh and some action.


  3. Guardians of the Galaxy is the perfect movie for lovers of classic music, action, good humour, unlikely heroes and ragtag groups. This movie was the perfect mix of classic marvel action and lighthearted humour and fun. This is one of my favourite marvel movies. All the characters are so different and each have there own quarks that add to the movie. I particularly love Groot and Rocket, because they both have such funny and unique characters. The movie has amazing scenery, being set in outer space, and amazing visuals. I would highly recommend this movie and think it is a must watch.


  4. I absolutely loved this movie because I thought that it was a perfect balance for someone who likes action movies but wants something a bit different at the same time. My favourite part of the movie was the ending, although it was a bit sad I still thought it was an amazing way to finish the movie. My favourite character has to be Groot, the tree who’s played by Vin Diesel. I think the way that Groot communicates and his general understanding of the situation around him and how he reacts to it add a level of comedy to the movie, which is why he’s my favourite but I also love all of the other characters, except for Nebula who I disagree with. I don’t think that I particularly relate to any characters in the movie but I think that they’ve all gone through stages and felt things that anybody can relate to. I do have a least favourite part of this movie, I, unfortunately, cannot reveal the specifics behind it as that would be a major spoiler, so instead, I will just say that it was unexpected and turned on the waterworks. I wouldn’t change anything in this movie as I think that it all fit together really well and each moment, whether it be sad or happy, had their place in making the movie as a whole enjoyable for me. I would definitely recommend this movie to others, to anyone in fact as it has many different genres amongst a single and it strays from the stereotypical superhero movie or action movie to incorporate a more engaging experience.


  5. Guardians Of The Galaxy:
    A great movie that is loved by many! Guardians of the Galaxy with have you laughing your head off! It is an engaging, hilarious and a super fun movie that has a great mix of adventure and humour. The characters are so funny and loveable, my favourite definitely being Groot. I could watch it again and again and never get sick of it, it is a movie for all and a great one for the family. So go give it a watch and see if you enjoy it as much as I did, I recommend this movie to people aged 12+ and give it a 9/10 🙂


  6. Guardians of the Galaxy. Even just the title gets you excited. This movie follows Peter Quill, an man who must team up with a group of arguing aliens (including a particularly hilarious racoon) to take mysterious object and sell it, or keep it our of Ronan’s hands, an evil man with ambitions to destroy the galaxy. It has a hilarious mix of action, adventure, comedy and drama, making it a great watch that will keep you hooked until the very end. Although it is a marvel movie, something about the Guardians feels unique and new. It has a blend of awesome sci fi mixed with tracks and music familiar to the adults watching it, making it great for a family film.
    All the characters are very loveable, and each have something unique and great that makes them stand out from other superhero teams. Peter is not your average ‘saving everyone’ kind of guy, in fact he fails quite and lot and tends to steal or put himself first. Rocket, the racoon, is always saying lines that give you stitches from laughing, and along with his tree friend Groot, the two make an unlikely, funny combo. The other two are a little more used to fighting, but still have a personality which makes you love them forever.
    Like I’ve said, the best thing about this film is definitely how it is still Marvel, but has a little twist to it that means it feels modern and unseen. I would recommend this for anyone who loves a good action film and brilliant characters and a story that will keep you interested ’till the credits play!


  7. Gabby said:

    Guardians of the Galaxy is the most perfect mixture of adventure and humour. As a huge fan of sci-fi movies, this movie is by far one of the best. The characters are loveable, and when they re in danger you just want to jump in and save them. The music in this is from the 70’s, so for any 70’s music fans, this is defiantly for you. With some old music and all of space, our main character Peter Quill is a sarcastic young man, who finds him self in a lot of trouble. This is a movie you can watch countless times and still be as in love with it as when you first watched it!


  8. Angelina said:

    Guardians of the Galaxy is such a great movie! My parents and I loved the movie, as it mixed the old-school jam with some futuristic elements. The characters are so funny and loveable, and the dialogue was hilarious as well as engaging. I have the CD of all the music played in the movie, t-shirt and a hat and a poster, evidence that I am a serious fan of Guardians of the Galaxy. A 10/10!


  9. I am a big fan of all the marvel super hero franchises and have named many of their other movies as my favourites, but Guardians of the Galaxy really tops all of the others. This movie was thrilling, unpredictable and a bit of a laugh as well. The beginning of the story isn’t very believable and doesn’t make allot of sense but within 10 minutes you can understand the story line more clearly. My main attraction to this movie would be that it is different to the other superhero movies, there is no man who has god like powers and is from another planet. The main character in this movie is a boy from earth who was taken from this planet and wasn’t the typical good guy who defeats all evil, in the start he was an outlaw, running from multiple people who wanted him dead. The soundtrack to this movie was one of my favourite parts because the only music that was played was from a tape that the main character has which is all hits from the 60’s. This film was able to give the typical superhero movie a different aspect and gave the story a different feel. Even if someone isn’t a big superhero fan, I would still recommend this film to them. It fits into many different categories and has a very wide range. I would go and see this movie 100 times and still love it.


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