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Ruby Redfort: undercover agent, code-cracker and thirteen-year-old genius – you can count on her when you’re between a rock and a hard place.

There’s a lot to lose sleep over in Twinford: there’s the snakes and the bivalves, but they aren’t half as poisonous as the rumours. With so many twists and turns it’s hard to know who to trust, particularly when no one trusts you. Will Ruby make it out in one piece? Well, happy endings are for fairy tales, bozo.



Comments on: "Pick your poison (Ruby Redfort) – Lauren Child" (2)

  1. It follows Ruby, as she investigates some odd behaviour. This book is great, but not the best of the series. It is an awesome adventure, but in comparison to previous books, it ain’t so great. My favourite character in this book is Ruby, she is so clever, and solves the crime, but unveils a new mystery to kick-start the next book. The crime and mystery levels have lowered a bit, but the kick-start for the next book is “LB killed Baker” If you read the previous books, you’ll know that LB is Ruby’s boss, and Baker was the greatest spy at the Secret Agency (highlight on the word WAS. He was killed).
    I give this book an 7.5-8/10


  2. I definitely recommend, Pick Your Poison by Lauren Child. It’s part of the Ruby Redfort Series and is such an exciting book. Although it starts off a little slow, it takes an exciting turn as 13 year old Ruby spies on criminals while being part of the secret spy agency spectrum. I love Ruby’s character because she is a very witty and cheeky girl. She is always getting herself into trouble, normally because of her very opinionated personality. Although she definitely knows when to concentrate and focus on things. I recommend this book to 10+ and give it 9/10.


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