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Comments on: "Paddington 2 (movie)" (7)

  1. This movie is way better than the first movie. It has way more interesting and exciting parts to it. Paddington has gotten so much more comfortable with the brown family. The movie has mixed emotions to it, as Paddington went to jail, but then got to see his aunt. So there is sad and good things about the movie. I recommend this movie to 8 year olds and over. I rate this movie a 9 out of 10


  2. I really enjoyed Paddington! It was such a funny and enjoyable movie. The movie is all about Paddington trying to find the greatest present for his aunts 100th birthday and the troubles he gets into along the way, all the while still loving his marmalade sandwiches. I think this movie was great and little kids especially would get a really good laugh out of it. I know I did! I recommend this to anyone really, especially as a family movie. I rate it a 9/10 and would definitely watch it again!


  3. What a great movie for kids! Paddington two continues the beloved story of Paddington the bear. I went to see this with my brother once at the cinema and it became his favourite movie. Filled with comedy and heartwarming stories, this movie is perfect to take any child to and I would highly recommend it. I think it’s very entertaining and I would watch it again. I would give Paddington 2 a 8/10 because I think it was great but it could have had a slightly more interesting story, although I thought it was very heartwarming. But if I was a 7 years old child I would give it a 10/10 because it ticks all the boxes.
    Amazing movie would recommend!


  4. leila said:

    Paddington 2 is a great, light hearted movie that I highly recommend.
    I really love how the movie creators made Paddington look really realistic and his accent is exactly how I imagined it. My favourite character is mrs bird.I just love how blunt and funny she is and another one of my favourite characters would be Mary brown because she is so persistent to get Paddington out of jail and so positive and bubbly.
    My favourite part of the movie would be when mr and mrs brown broke into Phoenix’s house or when Paddington was in jail making marmalade sandwiches with ‘Nuckles’ a grumpy old man, but Paddington’s bright spirit changed him for the better.
    My least favourite part was when Paddington was walking on the street in the rain after he escaped jail and his friends tricked him . I felt bad that such a kind hearted person would have to go through that. This was a fantastic movie with such a great message and storyline I would recommend this for all ages and would rate it a 10/10


  5. Paddington 2 is a gorgeous film and a wonderful follow on from the first movie. This second film is about Paddington striving to buy his auntie a special present for her 100th birthday. This film follows paddington as he works through many jobs to try and pay for this amazing pop up book about London. This films is action packed with enemies and shows the family love of the brown’s and how they have become paddington’s new supportive family just like his old family back home. I think that this is such a wonderful heart warming film and would recommend it to people of any age. This is one of those films that anyone can enjoy because Paddington has been around in books for so many years and for the older people this may be an enjoyable throw back to their childhoods. I really enjoyed watching both Paddington’s and think that you will too. 9.5/10


  6. Mikaela said:

    This movie is such a funny, enjoyable movie about a loveable little bear. The movie is about all the trouble Paddington goes through to get his Aunt Lucy the best present for her 100th birthday. He wants this present to be the most perfect present ever because he wants to do something for Aunt Lucy because she has done so much for him. He finds a pop-up book about London but it has a massive price tag on it. He works and works for money to try and buy it, he is so close when disaster strikes. Someone gets to it first and steals it! The whole movie is about finding who stole it and finding the secret treasure that the book leads to. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially families who love a great movie.


  7. The movie Paddington 2 is a follow on from the first Paddington. It is a movie classified under the genre of adventurous and fantasy film. It’s about a bear named Paddington who grows up to be apart of the Brown family and is a popular member of the community, who loves his marmalade. Paddington wants to celebrate his aunts 100th birthday and when he finds the perfect pop up book, a thief is also out to get it. It is Paddington’s mission to find that culprit before Aunt Lucy’s birthday. I would highly recommend this movie as it was a great family film.


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