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Comments on: "Dumplin’ (movie)" (3)

  1. Grace said:

    Dumplin is a highly entertaining, engaging and meaningful movie, full of great messages of body positivity and acceptance. Centred around the expectation of body image portrayed by beauty pageants, ‘Dumplin’ the daughter of a pageant queen faces the pressure of her family and societies body image. Your heart will break for Dumplin as she faces the struggles of her life, but as she stands up for herself you will share in her sense of triumph and hope. The whole movie is fantastically made, with the characters and their lives feeling so real you end up being transfixed in their world, wondering what will happen next. The acting, the writing, the directing – just everything – in this movie brings it to life. My favourite part would have to be how there is a sense of childhood fairytale intertwined in this coming of age movie, with the overarching theme of self positivity. This movie gives you everything, its entertaining with a big and important message behind it. You will laugh and you will, and you’ll enjoy every moment. 10/10 recommend for all!


  2. This was such an awesome watch. I thought it was a very real and true struggle that most girls still face to this day, and the message I came away with after watching this movie was so inspiring. Its really opened my eyes to the challenges girls face, and how some girls are able to build up enough courage to fight for themselves and stand up for themselves, but I can also see how some girls feel they can’t in a society so harsh.
    Defiantly a movie for all teen girls to watch or even boys


  3. In a world where teenagers still struggle with body image, this movie will teach you a lesson in self-love. It’s an inspirational, feel-good movie, and I think every teenager should watch it. In fact, there’s probably some parents who should watch it as well. The message is simple….body shaming is not ok. I give it 7/10.


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