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There’s a new girl at Rookwood School, and a new mystery for Scarlet and Ivy to solve.

It’s a brand-new term for Scarlet and Ivy, and the girls are intrigued by a fascinating new girl, Ebony. She’s as enchanting as she is mysterious, and she’s begun to gather quite the following – in fact, most of the younger girls appear to be under her spell.

But rumours swirl like ghosts around Ebony, and not all of them are nice. And when a prank on All Hallow’s Eve goes horribly wrong, it’s Ebony who gets the blame.

Ivy and Scarlet aren’t so sure. There might be more to Ebony than meets the eye, but surely she’s not dangerous? But if it’s not Ebony, then who or what is to blame?

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Comments on: "The curse in the candlelight (Scarlet and Ivy) Sophie Cleverley" (3)

  1. Mikayla said:

    This is the fifth book and it is about a new girl called ebony joining the school she seems very nice a friend that the mirror image twins can cope with. After a few days of Ebony being at the school nasty rumours spread across the school that make the twins rethink their choice. This book is a nail bitting and keeps you wanting more i rate this a 8/10 and recomend this for anyone 10+. I would recommend this series to any in need to a good mystery series that also includes a bit of friendship and love.


  2. The curse in the candlelight was one of my favourite books in the Scarlet and ivy series. In there school there is a new girl named ebony and Scarlet and ivy and very fascinated by her until some nasty rumours are spread around about Ebony. The girls are then lead to be confused if she is the right friend for them. The mystery in this book always leaves you off your feet I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is up for a little bit of a mysterious time. I give this book 9/10


  3. Book number 5 in the Scarlet and Ivy series did not disappoint. These books have me hooked from start to finish. The thrilling events in this novel, lead you to a mysterious mindset which leaves you on the edge of your seat for the entire journey. The author portrays the characters in a very unique way, which I liked because it isn’t what you would expect from any ordinary book. Scarlet and Ivy are twins and the reader is taken on an unexpected pathway that is captivating. Goodies v baddies – the goodies will always win. I recommend this book for ages 11-13 who appreciate mysterious and breathtaking books. Sophie Cleverly is releasing the sixth and final book of this series later in the year. I have it on pre-order and cannot wait for it to arrive.


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