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Tally Youngblood lives in a futuristic society that acculturates its citizens to believe that they are ugly until age 16 when they’ll undergo an operation that will change them into pleasure-seeking “pretties.” Anticipating this happy transformation, Tally meets Shay, another female ugly, who shares her enjoyment of hoverboarding and risky pranks. But Shay also disdains the false values and programmed conformity of the society and urges Tally to defect with her to the Smoke, a distant settlement of simple-living conscientious objectors. Tally declines, yet when Shay is found missing by the authorities, Tally is coerced by the cruel Dr. Cable to find her and her compatriots–or remain forever “ugly.” Tally’s adventuresome spirit helps her locate Shay and the Smoke. It also attracts the eye of David, the aptly named youthful rebel leader to whose attentions Tally warms. However, she knows she is living a lie, for she is a spy who wears an eye-activated locator pendant that threatens to blow the rebels’ cover.

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  1. ‘Uglies’ is a novel written by Scott Westerfeld. Tally Youngblood is about to get the pretty surgery. It required for all people in this city. She is counting down the days because her best friend already lives in the pretty part of the city. when she breaks into new pretty town to see her friend Peris, she meets Shay, an ugly who is not planning on turning pretty. Shay and Tally argue about whether the pretty surgery is a good thing. Eventually, Shay tells Tally about a hidden town in the wild called the smoke, where everyone is ‘ugly’, but Tally doesn’t want to go. When shay leaves without tally, tally is confronted by a different type of pretty, and special who tells tally if she does not find shay and expose the whereabouts of the smoke, she can not turn pretty. either she finds Shay or stays ugly forever what does she choose??


  2. Eliza M said:

    I read this series in Year 6 with the class. I enjoyed the first book, but after reading the next couple of books in the series (Pretties and Specials), I started to lose interest.

    This is the first book in a series which tells about the experiences of a young girl called Tally, who lives in a futuristic society where everyone is split into two groups: the Uglies and the Pretties. Everyone grows up “ugly”, and when they turn 16 they have an operation to become “pretty”. Tally, the main character, is about to turn 16 and is excited for her time to be “pretty”.

    The book follows her friendship with Shay, who rebels against the norm. Because of her friendship with Shay, Tally starts to look at life differently, which completely changes how she sees herself and the world around her.

    I recommend this book to pre teens as it makes you realise that it’s OK to challenge different situations in life. I rate it 6/10


  3. UGLIES BY SCOTT WESTERFELD is a book I have mixed feelings for. The writing style is quite bland but it’s the storyline that made the book so interesting. As I have stated plenty of times, I am over the whole ‘boring girl who thought the government was good is actually bad. Wow!! Such surprise!!’ storyline but I have yet to judge. Tally really annoyed me SO MANY TIMES, like, how can someone be so oblivious and dim witted. You have no idea how hard I’m trying not to spoil the book with my rage. Shay also annoyed me. She was so insistent with her views and was Tally’s best friend but really Shay?? By the end of the book I wanted to strangle the girl, if she were real. The characterS were bland and boring and plain and not entertaining. Croy was someone I wanted to know more about but nope! Still focusing on Tally’s insecurities of being ugly till someone tells her she’s pretty. The whole book was just Tally being all “I’m so ugly uGH I WANT TO BE PRETTY WHY WON’T YOU LET ME BE PRETTY”. Well, as usual it’s just me yelling about how annoyed I am (but I’ll continue the series? What is wrong with me) but although most of the book frustrated me, the good parts were the science behind the prettiness, which was actually quite ugly. David’s parents are fascinating characters and I hope there’s more of them in the next books. Overall I’ll give it a 68%.


  4. Scott Westerfeld has created a masterpiece in the sense that no other novel can and will ever reflect this poignant story. Detailed in the future of society, Tally Youngblood lives in a world where only beauty is accepted. Anything other than perfection is classified as ugly and, in the opinion of the greater community, should be altered or otherwise destroyed. For the majority of Tally’s life, she has hailed this statement and counted down the years, months and days until she too can be transformed into the most gorgeous life on Earth – a pretty. However when the protagonist is introduced to other views, her opinion of what is truly beautiful and unique begins to change as she discovers the truths of her society. I recommend this thought provoking tale to anyone who questions the worth of beauty and conformity.


  5. Uglies.. I love uglies, it’s a good book and this is the series I went to after The Hunger Games, I liked it because it was different to anything I have ever read. At the start I didn’t really like the way Peris had treated Tally but as the book went on I realized that it wasn’t his fault that he acted this way. My favourite part of this book was when she was with David when they broke into the Special Circumstances to save their friends. Because they were relaxed around each other and there was no internal pressure. I liked when they were together even if Shay was angry at them. I didn’t like Shay much in the book after the Smoke because she wasn’t very nice she was very mean and that anger never left through the entire series. My favourite character was Tally because she never really did anything wrong, David was wrong to give those gloves to her, Shay was wrong to get angry at her and Peris and the others weren’t in it much. I hated when she had that locket and when she threw it into the fire, I thought she should have told them or attach it to a bird like they did with other things like that, but throwing it into the fire? Was that really ever going to be a good idea? Because to me I would have known better than that. I would recommend this book to anyone who has just read the Hunger games and want more but different circumstances.


  6. I recommend Uglies to all who love action adventure and a little bit of romance. Uglies is a book set about a hundred years into the future. there is no money, no trading and no cars only hoverboards, hovercars and an operation. in a world where every one normal, is ugly. once you are pretty you are carefree and pretty. you go to a place they call “prettyville where the only rule is to have fun.Tally, the main character, is like any other ugly waiting for her 16th birthday for the operation that will make her pretty. her best friend has had the operation and she more than ever longs for the operation so that she could be with him again. that is until she meets Shay. an ugly just like her who DOESNT want the operation. Tally becomes good friends with Shay. Both Shay and Tally share the same birthday, but the night before the operation Shay runs away. Tally stays behind. but instead of getting the operation a group of people called “specails” get in the way. they give Tally two choises follow Shay and bring her back… or stay ugly forever….


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