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Comments on: "A league of their own (movie)" (2)

  1. A league of their own follows the same line as many time-honoured sporting movies, however uniquely delves into realms of gender equality, and gender roles in sporting fields. A cast of marvellous actors comprise this film including Tom Hanks, Madonna and Geena Davis. It is a fictional account of the real life ‘All American girls professional baseball league’. Although a sporting movie the underlying theme regards the liberation of women and breaking the socially stigmatised barrier society enforced particularly in regards to sport.
    When WWII threatens the closure of the America baseball league, officials and business men make the abrupt decision to begin a girl’s baseball league, whilst the men are away at war. The girls have their critics, and the league is put in jeopardy, however their skills and abilities are put on show, and they prove their potential and abilities even when the majority of people are against them. I absolutely love this film, it is one of my favourite’s which I watch continually. I think it offers something for everyone, it is humorous and also leaves you on the edge of your seat. 10/10


  2. If you like empowering stories and girl power, I’m sure you will love the movie A League Of Their Own. Dottie and her sister Kit get invited to try out for the first women’s baseball league while the men are out fighting in the War. Some people were sexist and didn’t believe that the girls could play baseball. When the sisters make one of the teams, they have a long winning streak and everything goes well until…
    I enjoyed this movie very much. A League Of Their Own will inspire you and teach you that it doesn’t matter what gender you are and that you CAN do this!!


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