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  1. I recommend the movie “3 generations” it’s a dramatic coming of age story about a transgender male and his process of starting his transition by first getting testosterone, it has many dramatic turns and emotional situations that even people who aren’t trans can relate to and understand, this movie is always great when you’re feeling down and you need something to help you feel better. My favourite characters in the movie are, of course, the main character Rey, he goes through so much and really shows how much you can push a person and his character really gives you a basic understanding of what the process of transitioning, social, emotional, etc is. I also have a love-hate relationship with Rey’s family, the way the director displays is really accurate on how most families would act in the process of transitioning but of course, the whole movie you are just yelling to the mother “JUST SIGN THE CONSENT FORMS!!” overall this movie can bring you so many emotions at once and makes you feel quite inspired in life. The great thing about this movie is that because of the social factors surrounding this topic you can make up your mind on what you would do or what should happen this movie makes you feel like you’re there at the moment not experiencing but fully observing what is going on.


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