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It is the summer of 1965 and Charlie Bucktin is a 13-year-old boy in the mining town of Corrigan. Charlie is engrossed in the novels of William Faulkner, Harper Lee, Flannery O’Connor and Mark Twain. On the sweaty night that he begins reading Pudd’nhead Wilson, Jasper Jones, an older indigenous boy, appears at his window. “Jasper Jones,” Charlie explains, “has a terrible reputation in Corrigan. He’s a thief, a liar, a thug, a truant.”

Jasper needs Charlie’s help. He leads Charlie out of town to his secret glade deep in the bush. Here Laura Wishart hangs dead from a tree. Charlie, terrified, insists on reporting her death but Jasper is convinced that it is murder and that he is being framed for it: “This town, they think I’m a bloody animal … They don’t need any more than what they see right here.” So they cut Laura from the tree, weigh down her body with granite and dump it in a dam. Pledging secrecy, Jasper and Charlie also vow to expose Laura’s killer.

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  1. laceyob21 said:

    Jasper Jones is such an expressive, gothic and creepy book.
    Following the murder of Laura Wishart. Bookish Charlie and rebellious Jasper Jones, find her body hanging from a tree, begin to travel on an adventure under the guilt and the discovery of who ‘killed’ her. They must uncover this murder before time runs out before they are found out. It is exciting and keeps you tunring the pages. highly reccomend.


  2. Grace said:

    Jaser Jones, is a fantastic book full of mystery. The book follows Charlie, a boy who live his life in a small town, and everything is going normal until one night when he meets Jasper Jones, who has a reputation of being rebellious. Jasper shows Charlie Laura Wisharts dead body. Together they have to find out who murdered her and not be found out. This thrilling novel will keep you on the edge of your seat and you will have to keep turning the page. I really loved this book for its mystery, but I really liked seeing the characters grow throughout the book. Another great thing about this book is the writing. Craig Silvery, the author is this books has written it so well. He makes the story so interesting, and he gives your a insist into the characters which really helps the story grow. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a mystery adventure book that is a very enjoyable and interesting read. If you read this book your will love it! I would rate it a 9/10


  3. Jasper Jones is such an expressive, gothic and creepy book.
    Following the murder of Laura Wishart. Bookish Charlie and rebellious Jasper Jones, find her body hanging from a tree, begin to travel on an adventure under the guilt and the discovery of who ‘killed’ her. They must uncover this murder before time runs out before they are found out.
    An Australian ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ is a book mixed with all genres, from gothic to mystery. If you want a good read I would recommend this book to all, as the author is able to twist and turn the whole story to bring out every emotion in you.
    This would be perfect for any age, looking for a unique read.
    So go pick up this book, your new adventure awaits!


  4. Melina. said:

    Had the pleasure of a friend lending me this book. Truly fantastic, a magnificent coming-of-age tale. Silvey’s novel draws deep from the well of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, which was one of the aspects that I really enjoyed – it features its own conservative township, resident bogey man and an Atticus-like father figure. Highly recommend this to people who enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird and would like to see an Australian flavour to it.


  5. I’ve always kind of been funny about the saying ‘ I couldn’t put it down’. Sorry, you must have been able to put it down at one point or another. You need to eat, sleep and shower. Reading whilst doing those can not have been easy. But I finally understood what they meant, because, here it comes, I could not put this book down. I was reading it at anytime that I could, if it was waterproof I would have read it in the shower. The book centres on Charlie, a somewhat ‘nerdy’ and reserved 13-year-old boy living in the mining town of Corrigan, Australia. The book follows Charlie and the events that ensue after one particular night, when Jasper Jones, the towns outcast, knocks on his window and asks him for help. Jasper leads him to a secret glade where Laura Wishart, a local girl is hanging dead from a tree. The book sees Charlie and Jasper, a pair of unlikely friends band together to try and figure out the mystery surrounding Laura’s death before it’s too late or before they’re found out. Silveys writing style is wonderful to read and perfectly allocates the right amount of time, attention and detail to each of the events and aspects of the story. You never find yourself stuck on a boring bit or finding it hard to read. His style is simplistic and effective yet communicates a lot of emotion and literary power. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and definitely recommend to anyone looking for a book about mystery, romance and drama.


  6. I really loved Japser Jones. It is my favourite mystery book, and I also love the humour in it. My cousin first recommend it to me when I was in year 7, but I read the blurb and didn’t think I would like it. I have just read it over the holidays and absolutely devoured it. The mystery is so intense and it is like you know it and have to stop yourself from blurting it out. The writing it very witty and portrays the character of Charlie Bucketing very well. I would recommend this to everyone who loves a good mystery and a little bit of romance.


  7. I recommend the book jasper Jones.
    this is a great adventure book. when my mum and sister first showed me this book
    i could literally not put it down i would read it every night and everyday after school.
    this book is about a nerdish boy named charlie who one night gets a knock on his window from the mischievous and troublesome Jasper Jones. There they uncover a secret that is soooooo big that they can’t tell anyone about and have to uncover the truth before its too late. During this time charlie has to struggle not to tell any one about this especially his best fried Jeffery lu. this book has a bit of romance in it as well but not too much.

    For those of you that love adventure books that are right into the story in the first few pages i recommend you read this book. Trust me you will not regret this this is the best book ever do yourself a favour and read it!!!!!


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