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It wasn’t that she didn’t love her children.

She did.

But there was a fortune at stake-a fortune that would assure their later happiness if she could keep the children a secret from her dying father.

So she and her mother hid her darlings away in an unused attic.

Just for a little while.

The Complete V.C. Andrews
Fantastic Fiction

Comments on: "Flowers in the attic – Virginia Andrews" (7)

  1. laceyob21 said:

    I love this book it’s great,

    The name reflects on how the children are locked in an attic, and just like flowers they suffocate without air.

    it is an interesting story and unlike other books i’ve read. highly recommend


  2. Emily said:

    Flowers in the attic is an emotional but amazing read. It is about a mother and her 4 kids. After their father dies, the mother decides to move in with her mother (grandmother) that she had never spoken about with her kids before. The grandmother is very strict with her rules and lays out the boundaries for the 4 kids – which is a small room and an attic. The 4 kids are convinced to stay locked in their rooms for 3 years until their mother gets some of her fathers fortune. This book was very sad for me because the mother chose fortune over family. I can’t imagine what the kids were thinking when they found out their mother no longer wan wanted them any more. It left me devastated and angry at the mother for not taking proper care of her children. I recommend this book to ages 11+ and give it an 8/10.


  3. bridget said:

    This book is great, but a little sad. Still, I like it. My mum read it when she was little and now I read it even though I am not little. I think it’s cute and it has a good storyline. I would recommend this book to anyone and anyone who would like to read it should read it because it’s really good so please read it. I rate this book a 4.2 out of 5. Thank you.


  4. Chloe said:

    This book is good! It’s a tad weird but good read! I think its cute how all their names start with a ‘C’ I really think the ending is sad and I hate the wicked grandmother!


  5. Flowers in the attic is an amazing book full of worry and grief. I would recommend this book to any one who enjoys sad and heartfelt books it is sad yes and is it predictable no and most importantly it is far from a old boring book on the back of the shelf never to be read. My view of the book flowers in the attic is that the mother chooses fortune over family and in my opinion it is her loss.


  6. i love this book it’s great,
    it’s even better watching it my friend has this movie on dvd the first time i watched was when i was in grade 5 i found it really good, and kind of sad.
    it’s about this mum and kids and they found out that there dad had died so they go to move to there mums house and shes real evil and she locks them in there rooms that they all share and they are not aloud to come out.
    Thats why it’s called flowers in the attic because flowers die if they get no air and these children get no air..
    it’s a great movie and book i recommend that you watch it and read it 😀


  7. eally recommend the book “Flowers in the attic” by Virginia Andrews. This is a spell binding book that will capture you and make you feel like you were really there. This book is about the 4 dollanganger kids who get locked away for 3 years, as a result of their fathers death, and are ordered to play in one room and the attic as they grow into a life laid out for them. No sunlight, no friends in the outside world, and absolutley NO FREEDOM! This is all just so that their mother, now widowed, could inherit some money from her dying father. This book just sucked me in and inside i was crying for Carrie and Corrie who didnt grow, and for Chris and Catherine who had to grow into mature adults and go through life changing experiences in the absence of a much loved and much needed mother. My book review may not make much sense but when and if you red the book you know what i am talking about.

    There are also 3 other books in the series to complete the mislead lives of these 4 children.


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