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  1. Chanel said:

    Where do I even start, Avengers Infinity War is probably the best action movies created. Marvel is known for linking the different movies together and in this movie, there was a range of everything! The Guardians of the Galaxy were even involved. Once you start watching you can’t stop, the suspense and uncertainty that’s in it, makes you eager to find out what’s going to happen. My favourite characters would have to be Thor and Groot. Although the movie ends on the world’s biggest cliff-hanger, I would 100000000000000% recommend this movie to everyone!!! (You might have to watch the previous marvel movies to understand characters and different parts of the movie though).


  2. This is definitely one of my favourite Marvel movies! Well, after Endgame! It is so full of action and entertainment and it does not stop giving! I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time! It brings many of our favourite characters together- mainly Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk, The Guardians of the Galaxy- Starlord, Groot, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Nebula, to fight the biggest villain and threat they have ever faced- Thanos. They have to collect a number of stones before he does or else half of the universe will die. It is such a captivating movie and the ending leaves on probably the biggest cliff-hanger ever. It has such a lot of energy and many say that it is full of violence but it also brings in love and the importance of family. This movie had me hooked from the minute I sat down to watch it. I would give this movie a 100000000 out of 10 because it is such a good movie that has the best storyline and characters to keep you hooked the whole way through. I loved it!!


  3. ‘Infinity War’ is definitely one of the most entertaining movies of our generation. My goodness, if you weren’t a fan of Marvel movies before, then trust me when I say that you will most definitely be spending the next couple of weeks watching as many marvel movies as you possibly can. Not is this (and all of the other marvel movies) action packed but it also includes the themes of love, the importance of family, the importance of having a support system around you, and how when we all stand together we can make a difference. Yes, it is a movie talking about superheroes and that galaxy, and yes, some people don’t like these movies because you do need to have an imagination to be able to properly enjoy them, but they also include amazing themes and storylines and I guarantee you will be able to connect or relate to almost every single character in some way shape or form. You will laugh, smile, cry and go on an emotional roller-coaster while watching this blockbuster film. But trust me you won’t regret it.


  4. morrissey said:

    To be honest i had mixed emotions about this movie. I really enjoyed it but at the same time i absolutely hated it in some parts. I loved how it gathered all the marvel characters together and introduced them to each other. I also enjoyed it because of all the action and uncertainty it held. However i hated the ending of the movie where half of our favourite characters disappeared to dust and the reactions of loved ones around them. My favourite part of the movie is where the guardians of the galaxy meet Iron man, Doctor strange and Spiderman. I found it so funny how much they hated each other and tried to come up with a plan but they kept on disagreeing. My favourite character is definitely Spiderman. He is such a loveable character and i find i can relate to him as he is around my age. Also he is kinda cute to be honest. However he’s just a kid who wants to help out even if it costs his life which i find that amazing. My least favourite part was spider-mans death. I cried for ages and just couldn’t get over it. The worst of it was that i wasn’t expecting it so it came as a massive shock to me. If i could change one thing it would be to make sure Spiderman doesn’t die. I would definitely recommend this to anyone even adults as it is amusing and entertaining for all ages in my opinion. I give it a 10/10!!!


  5. Heartbreaking! As a true fan of Marvel, this movie will make you cry and want to know more. Avengers infinity war is definitely one of the best Marvel movies of all time. This movie is just so well done that even though the ending is heartbreaking the movie just has an amazing storyline that when you walk out of the cinema you are still happy. One of my favourite parts about this movie was that the cast is absolutely amazing and are so fun to watch. To any superhero fan, I would recommend this movie because it’s just so great to watch.


  6. I had many, many emotions whilst watching this amazing Marvel Movie.
    There were so many fantastic characters in this movie so any Marvel fan would have been very happy to watch.
    It is really good to see that even though most of these characters have not even spoken to one another for a long time that when push comes to shove they all come to not only help save the world and mankind but also one-another.
    The enemy is THANOS. I thought he was mean, cruel, and heartless. He basically kills his own adopted daughter just to get one magical infinity stone! You saw tears run down his cheek when he does this but I think if he really loved her as much as he claimed then there is no way he would have killed her. I did not like him at all.
    I think he is literally sick. He believes to save the world you literally need to kill nearly everyone on it to ensure there is enough food etc. to go around. I think people have more intelligence than that and would work together to save mankind. He made me angry. I wish he did actually die.
    I thought it was sad when Dr Strange who first tell Iron Man and Spiderman that he would rather watch them die than give THANOS an infinity stone tolerates being tortured and nearly killed does exactly what he said he would not do. He gives an infinity stone to THANOS to save the life of IRON MAN. I found this a very touching moment. It shows how much their friendship/life of another human being meant to Dr Strange.
    I thought it was funny when the “HULK” kept trying to get the actually Hulk to appear to help in the fighting scene only to find out he did not need him anyway.
    I cried when my favourite character Spider Man dies at the end. NOT FAIR!
    I thought the special effects were really good. I enjoyed all of the action and watching how the lives of each character was effected in this movie. I will definitely watch this movie again.


  7. Cynthia said:

    Avengers Infinity war is Definitely one of my favourite Marvel movies so far. It is the sequel to 2012’s The Avengers and 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Infinity war has the best story line with so much tension throughout the whole movie. The Special effects, props and ideas are so innovate and new but also has the same feel as the other movies so we can still see the resemblance. My favourite scenes were in Ragnarok. My absolute favourite character is Black Panther. I keep watching this over and over again, I will never get sick of it I recommend it to everyone.


  8. Natarsha said:


    I love all of the movies in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Infinity War did not disapoint me. Infinity War was brilliant. It brought many of our beloved heroes together to fight the ultimate war against the biggest threat they have faced. Thanos. I personally loved this movie and could watch it over and over again (I have watched it four times). Every Marvel Movie has been leading up to this one epic moment and everything fell into place. Universes that we didn’t even know could be linked to each other were and everyone played an important role. I loved the Peter Quill vs Thor humour. Drax was hilariously stupid as usual. Infinity War is full of twists and links that will be mind blowing. The end is shocking and I know I can’t wait for Avengers 4. Infinity War is the perfect blend of humour and action that slowly drifts into an emotional movie. The only warning I can give is bring tissues and walk into the cinema fearing the worst. Trust me, if you start watching the movie with a optimistic mind, your mood will get crushed and you’ll walk out of the cinemas crying like I did.
    I reccommend you watch all the Marvel movies first otherwise you may not get some references or details. Google Marvel Movies in order.
    I rate this movie 1000000000000/10 but also hate it for hurting my feelings haha.


  9. Riva-Grace said:

    This movie defiantly has a lot of energy. It certainly has a big standard to meet with all the pressure put on it but this movie absolutely meets it. This is a great movie and my favorite by far this year, there is so much action that you have no idea where to look or what to think. The movie is made very well that it grips you right from the start that you have to keep watching and you can’t look away.
    There are just so many main characters that in some parts of the movie it feels a bit disconnected but for it being a 2-hour long movie with 44-76 characters. It certainly gives each character a bit of the limelight. I would give it a 10/10, for everything infinity war is claimed to be it lives up to it.


  10. i loved this movie!!!!!!! i thought it was so clever and inspirational. i saw it in cinimas with mu family and we were all on the egde of our seats! Great movie a must see! Everything about the movie was so good the cinematography, the acting, the score and finally the visual effects 10/10!!


  11. This is my Favourite movie right now I don’t know if it beats the Dark Night though!!! I like them around the same amount. My friend watched and she doesn’t know a lot about Marvel things so I had to inform her about it, hehe. She even liked and she knows absolutely nothing about it. I loved the whole movie It keeps you hooked from the first second to the last second. But you need to watch all the credits to see the end credit scene but it’s all worth it. I’ve seen it 4 times and I still cry at the same scenes I’m beginning to become worried aha. Overall It’s like a 11/10 defiantly worth seeing


    This film doesn’t let up. You might expect this film to be violent, but it goes beyond that. It shows the ramifications of violence. Characters die. Like, actually die. Most superhero films are violent, but they’re only passively violent. People can get hurt, but not bad enough to count them out. In this film, nobody is safe. This, though, is a very good message to send in contrast to the past films. Actions have consequences in real life, and they do in this film. The violence is never unwarranted. The biggest warning I give with this film isn’t the violence, it’s the emotional impact. If you’ve seen previous Marvel films, you’ve become aquatinted with these characters, become emotionally attached to them. This film is VERY sad for anyone who is attached to any of these characters. The peril feels real, and their performances make this film much more brutal than usual. I left the theatre crying, as did several other adults. If you have a young child, they might be better off watching this right before Avengers 4. But if you think they can handle it, it’s worth it.Great movie a must see! Everything about the movie was so good the cinematography, the acting, the score and finally the visual effects 10/10


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