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Comments on: "The little mermaid (movie)" (3)

  1. Bethany said:

    This movie is a true flash back in time as you encounter an old circus that has a main act, The little mermaid! Adults scuff at the sight of what they think is a fake mermaid. But one little girl believes. Her older brother becomes suspicious of this circus and the magic healing water that is being sold there. Soon they find out what really goes on behind the curtains.

    I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a bit of an adventure into fantasy land 7/10


  2. The Little Mermaid is one of the best Disney films ever! It empowers young girls to express how they feel and follows their hearts. Even though trading your voice to an evil sea witch is probably not the best risk to take, it shows Ariels willingness to pursue her heart even if her powerful father king Triton thinks different. I love how sweet Ariel is with Eric, especially when she can’t talk! Sebastian, Scuttle, and Flounder are all very funny and kind of a comic relief throughout the parts that make your heart pound with frustration because Eric is so clueless about Ariel or when you heart is filled with joy when they live happily ever after. All in all, an amazing movie, would recommend to literally anyone!


  3. First of all, it has the most amazing soundtrack. One of the best out of all the Disney movies. Jodi Benson, who plays Ariel, is a talented musical artist! She adds so much depth to her character. This movie, although seen as a little childish, actually is quite enjoyable to watch, even as a teenager.
    The story is complex, and follows the character development of Ariel, The Little Mermaid, in her quest to become human to be with her one true love, Eric.
    My favourite thing about the movie is the colourful theme it has, and the detail that has gone into the animation of the characters, even to the tiniest little fish.
    This movie contains all that a good story should have, a good character, a motive, the courage to try something new, action and adventure (AKA defeating the bad guy) and a happy ending.
    Although cliché, the movie is a heart-warming story that is perfect for all ages. I rate it a 9/10!


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