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After police intervention, fifteen-year-old Joy has finally escaped the trailer where she once lived with her mother and survived years of confinement and abuse. Now living with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in a comfortable house, she’s sure she’ll never belong. Wracked by panic attacks, afraid to talk to anyone at her new school, Joy’s got a whole list of reasons why she’s crazy. With immense courage, Joy finds friends and grows closer to her new family. But just when hope is taking hold, she learns she must testify in her mother’s trial. Can she face her old life without losing her way in the new one? Will she ever truly belong in a world that seems too normal to be real?

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Comments on: "Stronger than you know – Jolene Perry" (7)

  1. Stella said:

    Stronger Than You Know follows the story of Joy, a fifteen year old who has been taken away from her horrible life live in a trailer park. She is taken to her Aunty, Uncles and Cousins home. Joy put up with countless years of neglect and abuse, and even though she is now free from that life, she still struggles deeply.
    Joy constantly gets panic attacks and struggles to speak to others, especially males. This story navigates Joy going to school and experiencing life outside of her horrible past.

    This book gave me mixed emotions. There was some moments when my heart became so warm, especially the parts with Uncle Rob and Joy. Then there were other moments that were dull, boring and i wish were written much more eventful. The went by very quickly and had many repetitive chapters. The end was also quite disappointing. I feel there wasn’t enough detail, and the court scene was very bland. The ending had a lot of potential but i feel it was glazed over. I love how Jolene Perry has been able to bring light to such a dark topic, without being offensive or rude. She has let us take a look into this horrible issue, and what a victim must be feeling. Joy’s panic attacks and constant worries seem so realistic and i feel give an accurate depiction of what a panic attack and person dealing with trauma would feel. Overall, i do recommend this book. Other than the two i mentioned i didn’t have any other problems with the book and actually found it very enjoyable. I recommend it to people who love heart warming books that make you feel good. I also recommend it to people who like books that are filled with drama.


  2. Tahlia said:

    i read this book for year 8 lit circles and i was so glad i picked this book. At first i found that the first couple pages were a bit boring, but when you keep reading you will not be disappointed. As you read this book you follow along with a fifteen year old girl who has been through abuse and neglect, which causes her to have anxiety and panic attacks. She finally gets out of that life and stays with her aunt and uncle, and its amazing to see how far she goes in her life! i would definitely recommend reading this book as i thought that it was such a good book to read.


  3. This book is really sad and confronting, I had to read this book for lit circles and at first I found it quit boring but as it went on I got more and more attached it is about a young girl who moves in with her aunts family she has had a checkered past so this isn’t easy but by the end she has so many friends and is able to step out of her comfort zone. this is a really good book that everyone should read, my favourite chapter was Justin because he is so sweet and helps the main character so much throughout her long and hard journey (You’ll understand if you read the book.) …… I would recommend it for 13-16 year olds, I would give it a 8/10 but only because I’m not really into the romanic sad books.


  4. indi j said:

    I finally got to finish the end of the book!!!!! The end of the book was infuriating, i wanted it to be so much more interesting but it ended just how everyone would’ve predicted. To be honest I did think there would’ve been a bigger problem and more of a surprising ending but there wasn’t. I still did love the book but the ending was just annoying. Over all I have to say Justin, the gorgeous Justin was definitely my favourite character in the book. He was so caring, gentle and solicitous, he was so nice to Joy and that just made me so happy. She had been faced with so many horrible men and finally got a man she deserved. All Justin ever wanted was for Joy to be happy and with him she certainly was. In the end Trent was also a sweet heart even though I didn’t like him two weeks ago. He did eventually show compassion towards joy I mean about time. He actually started treating her like a sister and that made me so happy. Tara, aunt Nicole and uncle rob were the nicest people ever, they loved Joy so much and I loved that. Overall the ending was ok, I’m glad Joy finally got what she deserved which was a kind caring and loving family. Joy had gone through so much, no kid should’ve gone through what she had gone through at that age!!! I felt so bad for Joy but now she is in a happier place with loving people which is good.


  5. I read this book for year 8 lit circles and I fell in love with the book and all the characters. Its a book I can connect with even though the things she went through I have never experienced. This book made me smile and cry at times. I love following her journey of self discovery and the author wrote the book in a way that made it hard to put down. I would recommend this book to anyone in high school looking for a book that is full of sadness, joy and some romance. This book is a real eye opener and makes you think about how lucky we all were because we had a great childhood. Joy’s childhood was not so good, she was abused repeatedly untill she was 16 and everything changed. I rate this book 9/10.


  6. I would recommend the book stronger than you know to anyone from the age 13 to 16. Stronger than you know really makes you realise how much we take our lives for granted as teenagers. In the book we meet a girl called joy who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks due to abuse and neglect as a child. The book lets us take a look at the disgusting issue of rape and abuse and we realise how well off we actually are. Joy has learn to control her anxiety and face the next challenge of her life high school.


  7. A book that i recommend is Stronger Than You Know. It is such a great book about a girl who has dealt with life far from normal. With an abusive past, Joy moves into her cousins house, trying to begin a new life. However, this proves to be really hard as she is so scarred from her past. She deals with anxiety and panic attacks that she can’t escape, and she can’t help but feel crazy. I recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a really intriguing and drama filled book!


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