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Sam Waver’s life has always been pretty quiet. A bit of a loner, he struggles to make friends, and his busy parents often make him feel invisible.

Luckily for Sam, his older brother, Jason, has always been there for him. Sam idolises Jason, who seems to have life sorted – he’s kind, popular, amazing at football, and girls are falling over themselves to date him.

But then one evening Jason calls his family together to tell them that he’s been struggling with a secret for a long time. A secret which quickly threatens to tear them all apart. His parents don’t want to know and Sam simply doesn’t understand.

Because what do you do when your brother says he’s not your brother at all? That he’s actually your sister?

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Comments on: "My brother’s name is Jessica – John Boyne" (1)

  1. I absolutely loved the book my brothers name is Jessica. It is about a young boy Sam Waver. He has an older brother called Jason who has always been there for him. But when he notices his brother acting different he begins to think something is wrong. There parents are very big in the political world, so when Jason comes out as trans their whole world comes crashing down. This book was the most beautiful story ever and I have re read it 5 times. I would recommend the book to people aged 12+ and people who love a sad story.


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