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  1. Holly said:

    The Good Place is such a great show, and is full of new plots and exciting stories. It is one of those shows that you can binge without ever getting bored! I loved watching this show with my family, and is still lots of fun to watch again even if you have seen it before. This show is very addicting and you always want to know what happens next, there is always something to look forward to in each new episode. I loved watching the characters find each other and become friends, it shows that anyone can become friends no matter who you are!


  2. Giulia said:

    I absolutely loved this show! The comedy is beyond hilarious and the love that unfolds between Chidi and Eleanor is adorable. The plot twists in this show are mind boggling and keep you on the edge of your seat. My favourite character is Jason as he is the funniest and most oblivious character to what is actually happening in the show and his stupidity keeps you laughing throughout the whole show. I recommend this show to an older audience, more like 16 year olds and up and people who like amazing plot twists and comedy.


  3. I really enjoyed watching the Good Place! It’s such an interesting show and stands out from anything that I’ve seen before. The main character is Elenor Shelstrop, who when alive was a very selfish person. When she dies she ends up in the good place (which is similar to heaven) but soon realises that she doesn’t belong there, and that she should have ended up in the bad place instead.

    The plot is very exciting and surprised me with things I never expected many times, it made me laugh non stop. I really liked how all of the characters changed through the series, and near the end Eleanor is a totally different person and has worked on her flaws and that she deserves to go to the Good Place. I would recommend this to people who like comedy and quirky shows. I think that 13-20 would be a good age group for the Good Place.


  4. Indigo said:

    I can watch this series anytime. It is so funny and somewhat relatable! I have not completely finished the series yet, but I’ve seen most of it. This show is about a woman- Eleanor who has died and gone to the Good Place. But it does not seem right. She tells her partner she has matched up with- Chidi an intelligent individual (pretty much the opposite of Eleanor) that she isn’t supposed to be in the Good Place since she has done nothing outstanding in her life. I believe Eleanor is very lucky to be in the Good Place because, in one of the first episodes, they had a scene where they ask the Siri-like servent- Janet what was happening in the Bad Place at that moment, but even though Janet couldn’t show them, she let them listen, and boy did it sound terrifying! I think this show is for anyone aged 12+. I would rate it 7.5/10.


  5. This is one of them series that you can just chuck on Netflix and watch. It is so funny and will really make you question what happens in the after life or if there is one at all. I would recommend this show for ages 12 and up or check with your parents before watching is as for is does have so mild inappropriate content in it. As soon as you watch the first episode you will be hooked. i rate The Good Place a 10/10 for it’s humour and creativity.


  6. Funniest TV show ever!! This is one of my absolute favourite tv shows as it explores what happens after we die and where we go this tv series is actually quite funny and the cast is perfectly picked out for every character and the season finale to season 1 shocked me so much. I had no idea that was even a theory until I heard it and I was absolutely astounded. The show has gone for 3 seasons now and I have still never gotten bored I always like watching the new episode usually every Friday evening to just relax. My favourite character is Janet she is just so funny and how they have little sup storylines about her is just amazing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to watch a new comedy show but they are sick of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


  7. The good place is a 3 season series on Netflix about the afterlife.
    In my opinion The Good place was a really well put together series with a great plot, and I would definitely recommend it to any girl at Sacred Heart who is in search of a good show to binge on Netflix. I would rate it a 4/5 as at some points it was hard to keep up with the plot due to switching between the past and present, but other than that everything seemed pretty perfect. My favorite character was Jason as I enjoyed learning about his past and found him really funny and relatable. Definitely give this series a go.


  8. Charlotte said:

    The good place is a perfect series if you’re looking for something light, of course it has some dramatic and sad bits at some times but, overall its pretty amazing. my favourite character is Micheal, he’s intentions was first to torture the humans but then he switches side to help them. I just love how he switches sides to become good again. Its definitely a comedy with some drama, I also think Kristen Bell does so good in this she does the character so perfectly. I like this series because its something different from other TV shows, its not like neighbours or home and away nobody has really gone into too much detail about the after life in a TV show. there’s not really any flaws in the show so its a no questioned 10/10. Its about 10+ so its really for every age. I haven’t heard anyone that has complained about this show so I recommend it to anyone who has the chance to watch it.


  9. Imagine having no idea where you are and in front of you is a wall that says, “Welcome! Everything is fine.” You then find out that you’re dead but luckily for you, you were a good enough person on Earth so you end up in the good place. ‘The Good Place’ is a lighthearted and very funny tv show My favourite character is definitely Eleanor who is the protagonist of the show and quickly realises that she shouldn’t be there. She is my favourite character as she is hilarious and relatable. I would definitely recommend this tv show to people who love to have a laugh and enjoy twists and turns throughout a season.


  10. Georgina said:

    I have been watching The Good Place for a while and am currently in season 3. The good place is about a girl (Eleanor)who dies and is sent to the “good place” sort of like heaven. Though she find out she was out there by mistake along with 4 others. These 4 become friends and face many struggles. Elenor then comes to a realisation that she is in-fact in the bad place, dressed up to look like the Good Place. Through the seasons Eleanor and her friends Chidi, Tahani, Jason and Michael face many adversities and challenges thrown their way. It is a very funny series and I love it. I recommend it to anyone 12+ and give it a 9/10


  11. Eleanor Shellstrop finds out that she has died but lucky for her she is in the good place. Eleanor is excited at first but quickly she discovers that she is there by mistake. Pretending to be a good person and hiding from everyone in charge of the good place, Eleanor with the help of some friends sets out to become a better person.
    This is a light hearted comedy perfect for 13+ 8/10


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