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Comments on: "Call me by your name (movie)" (4)

  1. sophie said:

    this movie is set in summer 1983, Elio is visiting his families summer home in northern italy. and grad student named Oliver comes to live with Elio’s family for six weeks. this movie is about first loves. but it’s not just about getting a crush on someone. This film tells a story of love, desire and the selflessness that the two have for each other. throughout the movie you see their love for each other grow and they become in need for each other. this movie is about elio being comfortable and exploring his sexuality. overall this movie is a masterpiece and beautiful. also really aesthetically pleasing. i 100% reccommened to anyone over theage of about 13


  2. This movie was beautiful, so much so, I’m now reading the book, it’s a story of first loves and how they can be so impactful. A relationship between a young Italian 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man over the course of a summer, and the director takes such a beautiful approach to the story.

    There’s very little dialogue, while still being a coming-of-age film. And while it is classified as an LGBTQ film, I would say instead it goes more so along the lines of first-loves. In fact, the director in an interview wrote that this movie is mainly about first love, and that is why the angst you’d normally see surrounding LGBT romance is somewhat absent — the main plot point in Love, Simon (also an amazing movie).

    The director, in his choice to keep dialogue to a minimum, took a very silent approach to his film making and instead focuses on moments where the mise-en-scene tells the story, and he lets his great actors act with their bodies instead of speaking. In a way, this made the story all the more authentic, because it’s not a funny movie, nor is it rife with angst, so having dialogue a-plenty would have seemed forced and amateurish.

    While I would recommend this movie, I don’t recommend it to anyone who is too young for this film as it does have some mature themes in it, also, because of its silent style, it may seem boring for some viewers, so view at your own discretion, but I personally think it’s a masterpiece.


  3. ‘Call me by your name’ is an Oscar-nominated film that portrays the love between two men, by the names of Elio and Oliver. Both characters have a deep interest in each other and slowly become to love each other. To most people in this period of time would despise this relationship and treat them disrespectfully. But Elio and Olivier is able to surpass these stereotypical thoughts and have an inspiring relationship.


  4. A movie I would recommend is Call me by your name. It stars Timothee Chamelet and Armie Hammer who play Elio and Oliver. Elio is a 17 year old boy who is spending his summer in his italian home when Oliver, an american student who just finished a university course and comes to stay with their family, their romance slowly develops throughout the summer. It is a beautiful story that follows a true love between to men. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone.


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