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BFFAEs Prianka, Cece, and Gabby are ready to have an unforgettable summer—but they don’t agree on what that means.

For Cece and Gabby, everything is CAMP, CAMP, CAMP! But Prianka wants to forget about sleeping in the woods and hang out at the pool before her big family trip to India. Gabby won’t stop obsessing over the likes on her camp photos while Cece won’t pick up her phone at all.

With “back-to-school” looming and relationships changing at lightning speed, can CPG4Eva sort out their differences before classes start and things really change?

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Comments on: "TBH IDK what’s next – Lisa Greenwald" (1)

  1. I recommend TBH, IDK what’s next (To be honest, I don’t know what’s next) (4th book in the series)
    This book is about a group of friends, whom come back from camp, and discover their differences, although they do not let this tear each other apart.
    This book also talks about social media, getting obsessed/addicted and how social media can control our lives. I think leaning about this is important, especially in today’s world.
    This book is written by Lisa Greenwald, she is also the author of 11 before 12.
    I think this book is very unique as it is written in text.
    I recommend this book to kids, mainly girls aged 10-11+.]
    I give this book a 9/10


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