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Comments on: "The bee movie (movie)" (8)

  1. Best kids movie ever! This amazing film will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. This is a fun movie that everyone in the family can watch. The bee movie has a very interesting storyline talking about consumerism and animal cruelty but making it into a kids comedy. one of my favourite films as a kid the bee movie has everything you need for a good Sunday family film. I would give this film a 7/10 for the original storyline the film has.


  2. Chloe said:

    The bee movie is such a great movie for all ages. The humor of the main character “Barry played by Jerry Seinfeld is definitely the best in this movie. My favorite part is when Barry goes out of the hive with the group of strong bees on his first day of work to collect pollen, Barry decides to leave them and go see the city for the first time. He then finds a tennis court and sees people playing on it so he decides to go over and sits of a tennis ball. Barry ends up getting stuck on the ball in the middle of a rally and can’t get off. I would give this movie a 10/10 and believe it is suitable for all ages!!!!!


  3. Chloe said:

    This is one of my favourite movies of all time a 10/10. It’s a very strange movie with a strange concept, where the inside of the beehive could be a variation of any city. Though when the main character Barry decides to go out into the world of humans many challenges occur that tell us we should try to step out of our comfort zone and have a go. The humour in this movie makes you love the characters and the movie even more, especially when Barry is a very whitty bee. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a laugh as it brings back and makes so many joyous memories.


  4. Amelia said:

    The Bee Movie is a hilarious and enjoyable movie. It’s perfect for kids but is also a good movie for older ages to watch. This movie follows the perspective of a young bee that leaves his hive and explores the world. It is entertaining and is interesting to see a very amusing insight to a bee’s life. With funny characters and an interesting plot I recommend this movie to people of all ages especially children.


  5. This movie is a classic! Ask anyone from any age and I bet they would’ve had to have at least heard of this movie if not watched it. It’s written so well and maturely that anyone from any age would enjoy it. The characters are each different and have a message they need to learn about and grow from in this movie. It explores the issue of figuring out where you belong and never giving up. It deals with some serious topics but combined with some humour, it helps create a more light hearted and enjoyable movie with lots of strong messages along the way. I definitely recommend this movie as a good family movie night must watch. I rate it a 10/10


  6. What a treat to see a comedy that starts funny, is funny in the middle, and ends funny – unlike the usual Hollywood model in which all the humour is used up in the first act setting up the premise, and then winds down into sentimentality. this movie has been turned into such a meme and would be recommended to all ages as it creates a funny aura.


  7. Saskia said:

    The strangest movie ever. Honestly I do not understand how somebody came up with such an interesting film idea, and even more what I don’t understand is why it is so engaging. Its so weird but thats what makes it funny, it’s a very quotable film that you don’t expect to remember forever… but then you find yourself randomly thinking of it instead of doing your homework.


  8. It seems like such a kid movie, but it’s written in such a mature way that it works for anyone. The characters are adorable and you fall in love with the main Bee whose voice is Jerry Seinfeld. This movie teaches you so much about standing out and finding your place in life. With a bit of humour, it makes a serious topic so enjoyable. I definitely recommend it.


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