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  1. the 100 is literally my favourite TV show like ever it’s amazing. it’s soooooo suspenseful and there is always something happening. it has lots of sci-fi elements and is a very powerful series there are now 6 seasons the episodes go for about 50 minutes each and there are around 11 episodes in a season and a 7th is coming this year I am so excited.


  2. The 100 has been one of my favourite TV shows ever! The storyline follows 100 teen criminals that are sent to the ground (Earth) after living in space for years. They must work together as a team and survive against wild animals and the dangerous environment. Little do they know another threat wait beyond the forrest. I recommend this TV series to everybody because you can really connect with the characters. I also rate this an 8/10 because it always keeps you on your toes and you never know what will happen next!


  3. Georgie said:

    I love the 100! It is so intriguing and mysterious. There are 4 seasons at the moment and each 50min episode is worth it. The 100 is an American science, fiction and drama tv show. Throughout the seasons you are able to see each character grow, especially Clarke. Clarke is the main character (portrayed by Eliza Taylor) who was one of the 100 sent down to earth to see if earth is habitable after the Nuclear Apocalypse. The delinquents and remaining people on the ark believe people haven’t stepped foot on earth, until now. The 100 needs to co-operate and trust everyone around them. However, it is a bit hard to trust 100 criminals. Each delinquent has their own individual story. During season 1 it is all about adjusting to earth and the other people around them. Season 1 has some inspiring characters such as; Octavia Blake, Bellamy Blake, Wells Jaha, Raven Reyes and many more. The other seasons are just as amazing! I love this show so much and I would rate it a 10/10, no doubt!


  4. Hannah said:

    The 100 season 1 is AMAZING! It gets you hooked and you will want to watch episode after episode non stop. I watched all of season one but when season 2 came out it was a bit confusing and I didn’t really enjoy it as much. But I suggest watching season 1 and you might like season 2 but personally I didn’t. I loved getting to know the characters and the concept of the show is really good. I loved how there was some love relationships in show because it added a bit more spice.


  5. Georgia said:

    The 100 is one of my favourite TV shows. When beginning the series, on top of school work and social activities I managed to watch the first and second season in a week, it was that good! As the cast is very Australian it was really easy to connect to them as I have seen these cast members on other shows. The plot is so different to anything I’ve ever really seen so it was interesting to see what they did with it. My favourite season is season 2, even though I really did enjoy the first season. My favourite character of the show would be the Blake siblings; Bellamy and Octavia. Not only are they the both willing to do anything for their friends but show soft and kind natured attitudes, and also just really fierce and strong. The whole idea of going into space after an apocalypse really intrigues me so the creation of this franchise really did interest me. The beginning-middle of season 3 however was not my favourite. I think the idea of moving on 3 months after the season 2 finale did startle me a little bit but also the actions some characters made really impacted the show. I would recommend this series to others as it is thrill seeking but also shows characters bonding with each other. Wouldn’t recommend to people who become attached to easily because there are a few deaths (however not nearly as many as Game Of Thrones.)


  6. I would highly recommend watching the tv series The 100. The series follows a group of teens as they become the first humans to return to Earth after a devastating nuclear apocalypse: the series also focuses on Dr. Abby Griffin Clarke’s mother, Marcus Kane, a council member on “The Ark”, and Thelonious Jaha, the Chancellor/Wells’ father. Although slightly unrealistic, this tv series is packed full of action and is constantly introducing new exciting content into each episode. I would recommend watching this series because it is so good. There are 2 seasons and each episode goes for about 50 minutes. I would rate this tv series an 8.5/10.


  7. I highly recommend this TV series to anyone and everyone. The characters are so well created and the plot, although it is detailed and surprising, it is easy to follow. I was hooked on the show from the first couple of episodes! The show will have you crying, laughing and cheering and you don’t even need to get out of bed! All of Clarke’s experiences are captivating and the whole series in general is amazing. It will make you wish you were in the show and you will want to always be watching it, its a catch! I would rate it a 10/10 and I can’t wait for the next season to come out, I highly recommend it to anyone.


  8. Kiarne said:

    The 100 is a great TV series, full of exciting new adventures every episode! You never know what to expect each episode, which keeps you intrigued to watch more. Recently season 3 has finished and it was absolutely loved therefore continuing with season 4. This TV series is extremely addictive and definately worthwhile to go on an unknown adventure thats completely different. I’d recommend this to anyone up for an adventure and rate this series a 9 out of 10.


  9. I adored the 100! Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to watching the third season, but I’ve only heard amazing things about it. The first two seasons were awesome, but the first was definitely my favourite. Like most TV shows, it does that thing where as it progresses, things get more and more unbelievable and insane, which is why I prefer the first season.

    The whole premise of sending kids to the ground to see if they could survive was awesome, I got a great ‘Lord of the Flies’ vibe from it all. The main character Clarke is a decent character, with flaws and struggles that make her seem real. She’s also defined as a ‘strong’ female character, but definitely not perfect, she makes mistakes and has to sometimes follow her brain over her heart.

    I have so many ships! I really want Clarke and Bellemy to get together (though I know that’s probably not going to happen) and a few of my favourite characters include Bellemy, Jasper, Raven and Octavia.

    The series is absolutely addictive, there’s lots of action, and quite a bit of gore. I’d rate it 8/10!


  10. I love the 100 series so much, it is my favourite to watch right now. I have watched all three seasons and I’m still not bored or disliking it. It always has a great story to tell and they never seem to run out of great ideas to add to the storyline! It is about 100 prisoners sent down to earth after of living in space for years. It has been 97 years sinceMy favourite character is Clarke (the main character) because she is great at hospitality work and she cares for her friends and family, all the time. The first season of the 100 is probably the best season and I think others could say the same. It has the most interesting storyline, actors and outfits. All the scene settings are great and how the prisoners have set up their camp. There are so much more things to say about the other seasons but I’ll run out of words! So therefore I recommend this series to people who love action, adventure, romance, sci-fi etc.


  11. Annabelle said:

    The 100 is such an amazing show that I’m obsessed with. It’s a bit of action, drama and science fiction. The world has ended and they are living up in space (called the ark). Some of them haven’t felt the real air or been on the real ground. So they decided to let 100 teenagers who have been locked up on the ark down to the ground to see if it’s survivable for all. Watch this tv series to join the adventures and challenges they face on the ground. My favourite character is Carter as she is a very great leader of the group and keeps everyone together. I recommend this series to people 12 + and would give it a 10/10 – I love it!!


  12. The 100 is a great tv show to start watching!!! I and all ready up to the 3rd season.
    It has drama, action, romance and little bit of si-fi. Its been over 100 years since being on earth and oxygen supply is slowly being lost. 100 Trouble children sent down on earth to see if its okay and lots happens see that other people are on the earth. I would recommended that ages 14+ as they is adult themes in it. I would rate it 9/10 as its one of my favourite tv shows. ❤ ❤


  13. I love the 100! It by far one of the best tv series i have ever watched. Theres so much thats happening and it forever keeps you on your feet. Wanting to know whats going to happen at each episode. My favourite character has to be Jasper. I’m really into the sci fi kind of movies and I’m glad that there was one in an actual tv series. I would highly recommend this to everyone! Its a great show to sit down and watch with friends and even family members. I would rate this tv series an 10/10 for sure.


  14. I love the 100!!!!!!! It has everything in it from drama to action to romance and a bit of si-fi. There has been a nuclear crisis on earth and all the people who escaped are now living in space on the ark. There are lots of rules as they have been in space for almost 100 years and oxygen supply is slowly being lost. Because rules are so strict it is very easy to get in trouble for children they get sent to lock up which is like a jail where they wait to come of age and go on trial. There are 100 teenagers in lock up and the ark decide to send them down to see if it’s safe to go back to living on earth. The story follows the teenagers as they try to survive on earth. Once on the ground they find out they aren’t the only ones living on earth and it’s all about how they survive. Once you start you won’t be able to start and I think it is easily a show for anyone.


  15. I would recommend watching this series ~The 100~. It is an action, romance and a little bit funny. The movie is about the world having no oxygen and everything goes bad in the earth. All the people that survive went in a space ship called the ark. It has been about 100 years since they have been on the earth. 100 teenagers are sent down to the earth. The 100 of them are criminals or there parents were. The earth is survivable, but there are grounders who try and attack them. I would recommend watching this series because it is so good. There is 2 seasons and each episode goes for about 50 minutes. I would rate this series 9/10!


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