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Ruslan slipped away from the cafe and the curious onlookers.

He began to run, not knowing exactly why, but instinct made him head away from the sea.

In the distance, along the seafront of Ujung Karang, screams rose from a hundred, a thousand mouths.

Sarah is on holiday sailing with her family when their boat is crushed by the tsunami.

She and her brother make it ashore but their mother is killed and their father is missing.

Ruslan has lived in Indonesia all his life, and can’t believe the destruction that the sea has caused.

Searching for his dad, Ruslan meets Sarah, and their lives are thrown together in the aftermath of the devastation.


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Comments on: "The killing sea – Richard Lewis" (9)

  1. Teagan said:

    This book is especially amazing if you like movies similar to the impossible the movie about the tsunami that hit Thailand. It is packed with action, thriller, and excitement. It is wrote from two characters perspective, Sarah’s perspective is that her mother is killed and her father is missing, she is trapped in Indonesia with her little brother searching for her parents. Ruslan’s perspective is that he is also searching for his dad who went missing, Ruslan has a little more knowledge about the large island as he has lived in Indonesia his whole entire life. I certainly love this outstanding book and would say it is for age groups 10 and up. Please read this book as you won’t be disappointed.


  2. Katie said:

    I absolutely love this book because of the dramatic scenes the author is able to paint in your mind. I also love how he is telling a story from 2 different point of views. This story is about a teenage girl called Sarah and her younger brother Peter who have been talked into going on a family holiday on a boat for Sarah’s birthday. they stopped off at this city called Meulaboh and walked into a cafe to ask for help because their boat broke down, and a new main character is introduced. Ruslan is working his shift at the cafe when the tourists walk in and ask for help. Ruslan’s father Yusef is a mechanic, so he suggests that he could help them. when they got moving again Sarah and her family anchored down at the place called Tiger Island when they are struck by a massive earthquake. The water went rushing towards the open sea taking the boat with them on it, leaving coral and rocks uncovered. they jump off and started to run to the highest point, a mountain. Her dad’s leg falls into a piece of cracked coral and he brakes it. Sarah is told to take peter to safety leaving their parents behind them. Will they survive? meanwhile Ruslan gets a urge to run away from the sea and he hears many screams behind him. He stopped at his house on the way and grabbed his shoes and a letter from his dad of the bench. when the tsunami was over he began to look for his dad, fearing the worst. But will a little piece of hope for Ruslan that his father is not dead be true, or has the tsunami reached too far inland and have killed his father. Will his father survive? I will leave those questions for you to find out! I would REALLY recommend reading this book!!!


  3. Bridey said:

    I loved this book. There is something new around every corner. Although some parts are boring you are brightened again with a new interesting part. This book is very descriptive and it helps you imagine what it is like in that situation. I enjoyed ready the start and the end more than the middle because some times it felt like it went on forever..
    I rate this book a 6/10


  4. I think that the last part of the book is better than the middle. I think that the book cuts of too quickly at the end and the author should do a chapter at the end of the book of what happened after and how they got on with their lives. I wouldn’t recomend this book for someone under the age of eleven or twelve. I give this book a rating of three and a half out of five because it gets really boring at some points.


  5. Kat C: said:

    After finishing ‘The Killing Sea’ I recommend it to people over 10 years old. It is definitely dramatic and fascinating which draws the reader into the story. Many parts of this book are surprising and frightening. It leaves people anxious after every chapter they finish so you will want to read more. It gives the best idea of what it’s like to be in a disaster like a tsunami. The Killing Sea is a wonderful book filled with many exciting and thrilling moments.
    Rate: 4/5


  6. Kenzi :) said:

    After reading this amazing book I would definitely recommend this book for other people who enjoy adventure, creativity, Fascination, and a lot of fun, I love this because because of how much expressions they put in and all of the emotion and everything. I would rate it a 3 out of 5 and I would recommend only kids over 10 years old because if they were younger they might not understand some of the words in this book.


  7. The killing sea is an absolute thriller. I chose to read it this year for literature circles. I really enjoyed this book and to do ativities on the book welly fun. I found it quite fascinating how each chapter swapped the point of views. I loved how she wrote a book on a true story to show what people go through and what its like to be hit by a tsunami. This book shows great spirit and hope but the thing i love most about it is their teamwork. I really enjoy this book and would recommend this book for anyone who loves ACTION!


  8. The killing sea is a great action packed book i chose to read last year in yr.7 for lit. circles. It is based on the story of a tsunami, but i think it is very effective how the author writes the story swapping from the different point of veiws of the main characters. The two main characters are Ruslan and Sarah, eventually near the end of the story they come together and meet from their journeys. So they team up and help each other get through the action pacted, suspense filled events. All in the hope of survival and finding their loved ones. I really reaally enjoyed this book 🙂 I would recomend it from ages 11 and up


  9. When I read this book I cried, its very emotional and action packed. It will keep you on the edge of your seat!


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