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  1. Very important film to watch! I truly think this is a movie to watch with the entire family as it tells the very important true story or how parents feel going into the foster care system. I love how we see the full process of starting a foster family we see how long it takes for the two main characters learn how to become foster parents. I love Lizzie and she is probably my favourite character as we see how strong she has had to be for the situation she is in, and we see the truly honest reactions to things happened. Like how she doesn’t expect her new parents at the begin and takes control of them but then truly learn that these people care about her and i love how she truly becomes a stronger person throughout the film. Truly recommend watching this film as it shows us something very important that not many people know about.


  2. Jessica said:

    This movie is one of my favourites it such a feel good movie! Its about a couple thats never really been interested in having kids until now but they think its late and looks into adopt They find a teenage girl that stands out to them she ask to meet her and later finds out she comes with two younger siblings. They end up adopting the three siblings the first couple of days are surprisingly easy for them. But thats to good to last all the kids start acting out and it becomes a nightmare for them. I will stop spoiling everything for you but I defintly recommend this movie. I rate this movie a 10/10! and recommend it for 10+


  3. Ella D said:

    This is an amazing,emotional and heart warming movie. It shows the ups and downs of adoption! The storyline is that a couple goes to adopt a kid, they end up adopting a teen. But little do they know their teen comes with TWO younger siblings. Their adoptive parents take the role of becoming their full time parents. Life is going great, until the kids get used to living at home and get naughty. If things couldn’t get any worse their biological mother want custody of her children… I won’t tell you what happens next but a lot of love, drama and emotions are throughout this movie. This movie is good for ages 10+ I LOVE IT! I’d rate this movie a 9/10!


  4. Charli said:

    This beautiful and upbringing film and adoption and the lives of new parents. This is comedy film known to be hilarious for the whole family to watch and enjoy. Characters with bubbly and cheerful personalities make the movie such a delight to watch.


  5. Instant family is a beautiful family movie. I absolutely loved going to watch this movie and my sisters thought the exact same. This movie is about a couple Pete and Ellie who don’t have children, however, think they might be interested in foster parenting. The two of them end up going to Foster Fair and when they decide to foster a teenager Lizzie they find out she comes with two younger siblings Juan and Lita. They end up taking all three kids home and they go through all the dramas of parenting, the good and the bad. My favourite part of the movie would be when Lita first said, daddy. I think it was so sweet and it was nice to see how much it meant to them and it really made them feel more like a family. It’s funny, heart touching and definitely worth seeing. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good laugh and a family drama.


  6. Instant Family is seriously a great movie! This movie shows us the ups and downs to a foster family and a normal family too. This movie made me cry because it shows how hard and heartbreaking it must be for those kids who weren’t raised into a loving or safe family. This movie shows me how grateful I am for my beautiful family and how I can support others who may be in this situation. Instant Family is so funny as well and makes you laugh you heads off. I love how all the characters are all different in their own way, Lizzie is confident, independent, funny, smart and caring. Lita is a crazy, funny, cute kid. Juan is kind, shy and loving. There is at least one character that you can really relate to and I would rate this movie a 10/10 and recommend Instant Family for ages 11+.


  7. Morgan said:

    This is definitely the most amazing movie ever. My favourite is when they all decide on adopting them and that bit made me cry. My least favourite bit was the bits were they would catch up with everyone that was a little bit boring. My favourite character would be lizzie because she is just a great sister to her brothers and sister and takes care of them. i would definitely recommend this book to teenagers because it is a good life lesson.


  8. Indigo said:

    This is my favourite movie of all time. I think it is for everyone since it has drama, humour, adventure and a little bit of romance. The main meaning of the movie is about a couple- Pete and Ellie who were building a new house. The house was a 5 bedroom house and they were told they would never have kids and didn’t need the space they had. Ellie felt offended and looked into foster care. She saw there was a ‘foster fair’ coming up at the foster centre and persuaded Pete to join her. When they got there, they tried to connect with some children, but nothing worked. When Ellie lost hope, Pete went to the older kids…the teenagers. Ellie thought that was the worst idea and that all teens care about is “doing drugs and watching people play video games on YouTube”. Of course, it got worse for the couple and the teenagers heard her. Lizzie- one of the teens came up to them and told them that they heard all of what they said and she seemed offended. For some reason, this made the couple like her more since she was fierce. They decided to try to adopt Lizzie. Then, Karen and Sharon- they foster care social workers told them that Lizzie came with two other children- Juan and Lita. After debating whether or not to adopt all the children, they decided that they should.
    After a couple of days of having the kids they had enough and were so close to giving them back- Lizzie was a moody teenager and they didn’t know how to control her, Juan was always making mistakes (which is okay but it was so often, that it was confusing Pete and Ellie) and Lita was little kid, crazy and out of control. But they couldn’t give up now. So they didn’t. They ended up having a great family after a couple of years, and I know they wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    This amazing movie, in my opinion, is a 10/10 and I would recommend it to anyone aged 12+.


  9. Olivia said:

    This is a great movie! It is definitely for you if your someone who loves a drama movie full of sad and the occasional funny bits! But overall it has quite a sad message behind it. I really love how it shows what some kids who are in foster care and are up for adoption go through it is very heartbreaking but has a great story line but the thing that is really meaningful to me is that they get another chance with two beautiful parents who want to love and take care of the kids like they are theirs. My favourite part of this movie is the children finding out that their real mum couldn’t look after her kids because she was still using drugs this was a very sad part but i thought it was a very good part! This such a beautiful movie! I would recommend it for 11+.


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