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  1. The end of a childhood series! Toy Story 4 came out and as soon as it hit cinemas I fought my little brother to take me. While watching the movie I realised my opinion on it. For a movie, on its own toy story 4 is a great movie for kids good lessons learned and interesting to watch toys come to life. But it is the end of a huge series I was expecting a little more from the movie. The ending of the movie didn’t really settle with me so I am here to give an honest review. I think the movie was definitely a disappointment against the other three movies which in my opinion where masterpiece (I’m a bit biast). I think for children the movie is really entertain but personally i would watch it again. 6/10. Recommend for kids between age of 4-10.


  2. Toy story 4 was another amazing film and the perfect way to finish off one of the most famous Disney Pixar series. I can say that Toy story never disappoints. The 4 movies have all been of such a high quality and have held an amazing storyline over the past 20 years that continues to engage audiences. I was very impressed with the animation quality which seemed so life like. I really loved the ideas that played out throughout the film and thought that it was an amazing way to end the beautiful series. I won’t spoil much but the ending was definitely a sad moment but was very heart warming. This film was such a childhood classic for me which is why I loved the 4th one so much. I would recommend this film to anyone of any age but especially those who grew up watching the previous 3 movies. I would rate this film a 9/10 and would really recommend that you watch this !! AMAZING


  3. Abbey said:

    This movie was such a wonderful conclusion to a fantastic series. Toy Story has always been a part of my childhood, so I loved to see something so special to me finished in such a lovely way. Toy Story 4 takes place not long after Toy Story 3, and follows Woody and his gang on a road trip with their new kid, Bonnie. There are many new Toys they meet along the way, and obstacles they must face. This movie touches the heart of all who watch it, as anyone can connect with the childhood nostalgia of giving away your toys. This movie was so heart-warming and entertaining – I would recommend it for all ages, and it is great to watch with the family!


  4. I really like this movie because I used to watch all the other toy stories when I was younger, it was one of my favourite movies.
    My favourite part of the movie was when Woody, Buz and Little Bow Peep all reunited because it was such a happy feeling that they all together once again.
    My favourite character would have to be Buz because he’s very persistent and he doesn’t give up on what he’s doing he keeps going with it till he’s finished even if it’s a bad result.
    I definitely would recommend watching this movie especially if you’ve already watched the 1st 3 movies, people any age could watch this movie but it’s most likely for kids from 4-16.


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