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Comments on: "The darkest minds (movie)" (4)

  1. Dharma said:

    The movie which is much like the book is thrilling and exiting with new plots and twists along the way. But he cliff-hanger it leaves at the end of this film is so distorters that it leaves you needing to watch/read the next part. The darkest minds main character is Ruby Daly who finds herself to be one of the last remaining oranges which is like the top of the pyramid of the different abilities the children enhance or they die. Ruby finds herself trapped within herself and not able to connect after her last encounter.
    The Darkest Minds idea is so out of this world you think’ how on earth did Alexandra Bracken come up with a story like this!’ I love character evolvement, and I’m really hoping for Ruby to find her inner confidence because like the saying ‘what doest kill you makes you stronger’. I also realy hoping that Zu will find her voice even after the terrible thing that happened to her. The most I could do is recommend this story it is absolutely incredible film and text!


  2. Charlotte said:

    This was one of the most captivating movies I have ever seen. I was such an interesting concept and I love how different it is from anything I have ever watched. The way everything happens so suddenly is either relieving or devastating. I love how we get to learn about the new world with Ruby as she discovers the tribe of kids, we do. I love everything about this movie an would recommend it to anyone who loves a sad thriller.

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  3. I absolutely love this movie! It is packed with action, intensity, emotion and a touch of romance. I honestly could watch it over and over. One of my favourite scenes is when Ruby saves the group from the bounty hunter Lady Jane who almost captured all the kids until Ruby stepped in. I love this scene because it gives you a sense of what Ruby can really do and it also sets the path to the rest of the plot because it’s when the rest of the group figure out she’s actually an orange (their reactions were priceless). My favourite character is definitely Liam because he cares so deeply for others especially his friends. He will always protect those he loves and you can clearly see that with his relationship with Ruby. Like his reaction when he found out that Ruby was almost taken advantage of, clearly shows that his immediate response to someone he loves getting hurt is to protect them and fight for them at any cost. I love how engaging and unique this movie was. I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone because it has a bit of everything and is truly an amazing movie. I can’t believe the ending! I need there to be a sequel because I want to know what happens to Ruby, Liam and the rest of the group. I rate this a 9/10.

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  4. This movie was not what I thought it would be about. It was better!
    It is the story of young children who are contaminated with a virus and many die. This is sad to see and I feel very sorry for the parents who have to bury their children.
    Some children how-ever survive. They have special powers. I think it would be great to have special powers to help defeat bad people.
    The children that survive are broken into groups and originally I did not understand why but you find out it is based upon the powers they have. Any child categorized as either Red or Orange are killed as the government is afraid of these children and their powers. I thought this was very cruel as they had all already been through so very much including being taken away from their family and put into what I would call a war camp.
    One special girl; Ruby; who is orange; is able to use her power to convince her captor that she is no risk to them and that she is only green and therefore not a threat and does not have to be killed. I was very relieved to see her survive as she was very close to being another statistic.
    I thought the powers of the children were amazing.
    I found it very said that Ruby not only has to erase the memories of her own parents so that they did not even recognize her. This was very sad to watch.
    I found it sad to also see Ruby put in the position where-by to ensure the man she loves is free she has to erased the memories of herself out of his head which she does as she kisses him good-bye.
    I did like to see what a powerful young woman Ruby is not only when she has to fight the only other Orange person alive who happens to be the son of the President of America to help set as many children free as possible. I thought she was very courageous.
    Will there be more! You can tell this from the ending. Watch it to see!! It was so much better that what I had expected.


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