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Black Beauty starts life on a farm with his mother Duchess where he is broken in and sold for hunting and carriage driving. He has a fine life but he and his friends Ginger and Merrylegs are sold when the family moves. Beauty and Ginger are sold together but poor Ginger has trouble accepting the tight bearing rein which holds her head high. She is sold off. A boy named Joe Green looks after Beauty at this time and sometimes gets his treatment wrong as he is only learning, so Beauty gets a chill and is very ill. Later in life Beauty becomes a cab horse and the London family are utterly dependent on him for a living. He works six days a week but some horses worked seven. The winter nights see Beauty standing outside a house where a card party is in place, waiting and waiting for their customer. Rich people gave no thought to anyone serving them.
Beauty is finally sold to be a carthorse and meets the worn-out Ginger one more time. He is expected to work until he drops, literally. But a chance meeting with Joe Green who recognises him after all these years by his markings, is enough to save him and he is brought to a kind home once more.



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  1. Charlotte said:

    Heart wrenching book. All time favorite!


  2. Black Beauty is an amazing book. Personally Black Beauty is one of my favourite classics. This book is a must read if you love horses. This book made me cry to start to finish and you would definitely need tissues next to you at all times. I love how this book is in the horses point of view and shows the life horses can go through. I love this book and give it a 10/10. I reccommend this book for ages 10-15.


  3. Black beauty is an amazing book/movie and i think its my favourite horse book. I really enjoy the idea of the book i the horses perspective instead of the humans because you don’t see many books in an animals perspective and i think that it was really interesting to find out about how horses were treated and behaved back then. I rate it 8/10.


This book is amazing! Black Beauty is a must read and a classic book. Even if you have no interest in horses you will still love this. The author of this book wrote it so well that you feel every emotion that Black is feeling and you feel like you are experiencing everything with him. This book is happy and sad all at the same time. I have read this book over and over again and I never get bored it just makes me want to read it again. I would recommend this book for any age, it is a 1 chapter per night bed time book for children and it is an unforgettable book to read for every other age. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!


  5. Black Beauty is one of my favourite books i loved it all the way throw this book it’s based on a true story of what happened to black beauty and the black stallion and how hard hard there lives were i love this book some times i felt like crying.I give this book 10/10 its a good book for you if you love horses!


  6. I recommend the book ‘Black Beauty’ written by Anna Swell. This book was an outstanding book from start to end, it is a book that was based on a true story of Black Beauty and what happened to a black stallion, as he was sold to many cruel and gentle owners over his long varied life. From a well born colt in a pleasant meadow, to an elegant carriage horse for a gentleman, and then to a painfully overworked cab horse Black Beauty has encountered a hard over worked life and in the novel you really feel you want to help him. The book reflects through Black Beauty’s eyes and how hard and tough life was for a horse back in the 19th century. The sadness and happiness of the novel helped tell the story and that’s what I loved about this book as you really felt for the horse and wished you where really there. I give this book a 9/10 and 5/5 stars as it was a fantastic read, and if you love the adventures, and horses than this book is definitely the read for you!
    🙂 😀


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