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  1. Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 is definitely my favourite twilight movie out of the 5 as Bella is finally a vampire and also a new mother and we get to watch her understand both of these things. However there is of course an antagonist which could put the Collins family all in danger which keeps you on the end of your seat when watching this movie. My favourite scene of this movie is when the ‘battle’ is being shown as when shown to the audience seems as if it is really happening. It is super creative and very relieving to watch once you realise it never really happened. I would recommend this movie to everyone ages 12 and over as it is my favourite vampire movie.


  2. Lauren said:

    this movie definitely made me feel something. I did not expect the plot twist !!! I almost cried when I realised that it was just one of Alice’s readings !!!! I absolutely love Edward and Bella and also their daughter is adorable. Some things in this movie did trigger me because i didn’t like some characters…. but overall was a really good way to end the twilight movies because it was ‘happily ever after’ for Bella Edward and their family. I rate this movie a 10/10 !! :))


  3. I just watched Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 again for the second time because of how touching it was. The part that truly touched me was when Bella and Edward went to go see the vampire councils and were at a life death situation. I also really loved how the wolves teamed up with the vampires despite their past.

    My favourite characters were Bella, Jacob and Edward because of the love they all shared. It was very sweet to me and I was really touched by how each of them would go to ‘the ends of the world to get each other’s love.

    I would recommend Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 for everyone who loves a good cliff hanger. If you really love sci-fi, this movie is for you!


  4. This movie is amazing and full of love and secrets. This one sort of pieced all the other twilight movies together and was a great ending to a awesome series. I thought that Bella was amazing through the movie. I would recommend this movie to 12+ and would rate it 7/10. I loved how most of the people in the movie had someone that they would do anything for and were going to fight for their protection.


  5. Grace said:

    This film is definitely a must-see for all twi-hards and is a great film to round out the series. When I saw this film I hadn’t read the book in a long time and so the plot line came as a nice shock! The fim finishes the series nicely and if you liked the other films you will definitely LOVE this film.
    My favourite part was meeting Renesme and seeing if she looked like I had imagined. I also love the ending (which I won’t mention – but it’s worth it!).
    Although I did enjoy the film and liked seeing the end to the much loved saga, I found the production and filming to be quite poor. The special effects when Renesme is a baby were quite obviously fake.
    I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoyed the Twilight saga. Make sure you see it to finish off the Saga 🙂


  6. ccaruana14 said:

    I believe that Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the best movie out of the whole Twilight series. I am not a very big fan of this series, but I believe that this movie was a good one!

    I think that the most interesting part of this movie is when they ‘battle’ is going on and this is because it actually isn’t happening! It is just being thought of (like a vision), if the volturi decided to attack the Cullens. This part of the movie definitely tricked my friends and I when we went to the cinemas to watch it.

    My favourite character would have to be Jasper and Alice and this is because they both have their own special talents that help their family in so many different ways. I think that Alice is a fantastic character because she kind of ‘protects’ her family in so many ways because she is able to have visions about what will happen in the future, or what is coming their way. By Alice being able to do this, she helps especially Edward and Bella from the beginning, keeping them safe from the other evil vampires.

    I don’t believe I can relate to the characters in this film except that I have a loving family, like what is depicted in Breaking Dawn.

    I would recommend this movie to anyone over the age of 13 and this is because some of the scenes that are in this movie. I think that I would rate this movie an 8/10 because I liked it, but it is not my favourite movie.

    I quite enjoyed this movie and I probably will watch it again 🙂


  7. Sarah said:

    I only recently watched twilight breaking dawn part 2 and it was amazing. It was so sad though. it now make sense with the rest of the movies too.


  8. I just recently watched twilight breaking dawn part 2. It was a great movie with twists.
    It explains the rest of the movies and if you’ve seen the others you’ll love this one. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure others would to.


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