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  1. Pearl Harbour is an emotional movie that really made me think twice about the War. I really enjoyed the movie and would defiantly watch it again. I had goose bumps for most of the movie. My favourite part was the beginning where it showed them as 2 young boys and then years later all grown up, it was nice to see that they both followed there passion which was flying planes for the army. My favourite character was Danny, he was a nice person that was just trying to be a good a loyal friend. My least favourite part of the movie was when Danny died, it was really sad and made me feel guilty. It made me think about War and how many lives were lost. If i could change something in the movie i would want Danny alive and for them to both come back as friends and resume the relationship Danny had with his girlfriend. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially someone who is interested in War and romantic movies.


  2. I watched this movie last year in Yr9 english, and everyone in my class loved it. Then it came on TV last week and I was so excited to watch it again! I loved it probably more the second time, as I had since studied WWII and I had also learned a lot more about Pearl Harbour, so I understood more of what went on. My favourite character was Danny, which is funny because the first time around I hated him and loved Rafe, but once I knew the ending, I loved Danny a lot more and saw the good in him while I thought Rafe was shallow. My favourite part was when the Japs attacked and dropped the missiles into the harbour, because my heart was pounding and it looked so real. I would rate this movie a 11/10, however some parts are not appropriate for young children.


  3. Pearl Harbor I watched this movie with my class in English and it is now my favourite movie. My favourite part of the movie was when Rafe first met Evelyn because he was acting so funny. I cannot personally relate to any of the characters in the movie, although I can relate/understand other things about them after completing the ‘I Had Seen Castles’ unit in English. I can understand why Evelyn was so easily persuaded to love Rafe and other pilots during the war – she felt sorry for them because they were basically giving up their lives to go to war, and she wanted to make their last bit of time before they left a bit more enjoyable. My least favourite part of this movie was when Danny and Rafe went on the Top Secret Mission. No further info can be provided because of the ‘no spoiler’ rule 😦 I didn’t like Danny throughout the movie, but I gained a lot more respect for him around the end of the movie. This movie is a must-watch for everyone over 13. Some parts of it are not appropriate for younger children (sexual themes and realistic bloody violence scenes). I give it a 10/10


  4. I really enjoyed this film when watching it in class for our study on I Had Seen Castles. I think this movie is very emotional and displays the horror and trauma the war had on everyone in Pearl Harbor and even in other parts of the world too. My favourite character is Danny because he is really attractive and such a loyal friend to Rafe. I think this movie could be recommended to anyone who is into action, romance and a bit of heart break too. I rate this movie an 8.5/10.


  5. Without a doubt, Pearl Harbor is a film that touches your heart. You feel the character’s hurt, their joy and their pain. You find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat time and time again, eager to see the fate of the characters you feel so close to after only two hours of film. Throughout this movie, the bombing of Pearl Harbor is re-lived, the stories re-told and scenes seen again, this time for different generations to witness. Extraordinarily, I honestly believe that this film can be enjoyed by both males and females despite it’s graphic war scenes. When it comes time to choosing a favorite character, people will always have conflicting opinions. The two male leads in this film fight for the heart of one girl and everyone will find themselves backing one of the two men. This one just one of the many story lines within the film that leaves you wanting to know more. Pearl Harbor is without question a film that everyone must get around to watching at some point. It gives teenagers an insight into an event that most young people have little to no insight into,as well as depicts the emotional state that many of those involved in that war were in. This is such an extraordinary film that must make its way to the top of your list.


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