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Sunny side up – Marion Roberts

The unforgettable story of 11-year-old Sunny Hathaway – introvert, entrepreneur, inventor, poet, dog lover and co-owner of Pizza-a-go-girl deluxe wood fired pizza delivery service – the summer her whole life turned inside-out.

Start with one quiet, perfect life.

1 step-dad,
2 pre-cooked siblings,
1 best friend,
1 sworn enemy
and a long lost grandmother.

Flavour with a dash of secrets, a pinch of jealousy and a good dollop of growing-up. Cook on high all summer long.

Fresh and spicy and as irresistible as Friday night pizza, Sunny Side Up is a story about surviving a heatwave, running a business, avoiding headlice, loving your dog, keeping secrets, saying goodbye and hello, and finding out what really matters.

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