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Comments on: "The mortal instruments: City of bones (movie)" (8)

  1. Gabby said:

    This movie revolves around a girl named Clary Fray. Clary’s entire life is turned upside down when she is hurtled into the world of demons and the arcane society of Shadowhunters, upon the disappearance of her mum. As family secrets are unravelled and the onslaught of foreboding, demonic danger thickens, Clary is determined to rescue her mum. Still, Clary must endure teenage drama as her crush and male best friend bicker and taunt each other. This is, hands down, my favourite film. It helps make this modern world seem less superficial, and gives it a magical substance and depth. If you’re looking for adventure, romance, attractive people and an escape from tedious, mundane reality, this is the film for you!


  2. If you want to, sure go ahead and watch this. I wouldn’t recommend it but I guess it has some potential. It was just too different from the book.

    However I do recommend the series on tv. Much more closer to the books.

    3/10 honestly 😦


  3. In the movie The Mortal Instruments, we follow a girl named Clary Fray as she enters a world of demons and angels. Her mum has been keeping a deadly secret from Clary, and on her 18th birthday, all is revealed. Her mum gets kidnapped and a witch lives dow stairs. Love sparks and an adventure begins. I love this movie and you should watch it! 8.5 stars


  4. Lily H said:

    This movie is a teen girls dream movie! It has ton of action, romance and a supernatural theme coming from this movie. The main female role, Lily Collins, enters into a supernatural world filled with demons, witches and vampires. i would recommend this for a girls night in, an action filled movie marathon or for just a really good movie. I rate this 8/10.


  5. Sadly I didn’t enjoy this movie in comparison to the books. I was hoping for it to follow along the original storyline more however I found for it to not be similar and go off track a bit. However I really enjoyed the casting choices, especially Jace as I felt he was portrayed very well by Jamie Campbell-Bower and he embodied his character quite well. In saying that, I did enjoy the movie on its own without comparing it to the book as I found it entertaining and witty at times. Overall this movie was pretty much enjoyable however I would have preferred for it to focus more in the original storyline of the novel.


  6. I’d really enjoyed the books, and I expected a little more of the movie!

    I know that it’s hard to make movie adaptations of books and have everything perfect, but I thought it was a little bit of a let down. Some of the characters were just wrong, such as Jace. I was expecting him to have more expression! He said all the same things, but without some of the sass that made Jace in the books. However, I did like Isabel, she was cool and I loved the way they did her whip (especially in that one scene with the vampires and she sent the chandelier to the ground) Clary was just bland and annoying (but I didn’t like her much in the books, so I wasn’t expecting much) There wasn’t enough character development and you don’t know the characters as well as you did in the book.
    There were some parts I liked, but the characters just annoyed me!
    It was a great book, but the movie, not so much. I rate it about 5/10!


  7. Emanuella said:

    Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments is one of my favorite series and I was so excited to see this movie. I’ve been to plenty of book-to-movie showings, so I knew not to expect the exact same thing, but regardless, I went in with high expectations. The beginning was… weird (and out of order, but that’s just my OCD, no biggie). However, this movie was so horribly different from the book that it lost all of it’s value. I don’t just mean the events were slightly moderated to save time, I mean they changed the entire plot. Jace wasn’t terrible- could’ve been cockier, Clary was horribly over-dramatic, Magnus was expressionless, and they managed to ruin my favorite character: Valentine. He became a bland, one- sided villain, unlike the ingeniously dynamic character Clare made him out to be. The movie had changes in it that ruptured the foundation of the book and a lot of what it stands for, ruining the ingenuity of the plot and the world that Clare built which had me so enraptured from the beginning. It’s a shame because they had such potential with this movie.


  8. The movie Mortal instruments is the story of a girl named Clary Fray. She ends up tangled up in the world of Shadowhunter after her mum is taken by a demon. In order for Clary to save her mum she must team up with a group of Shadowhunters where she meets Jace, Isabel and Alec. Clary uncovers family secrets and discovers powers she never knew she had on this journey. I really loved this movie, it was filled with romance, science fiction and action.There may not be creating other movies from the series but the books are always great. I rate this movie a 8 star!!


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