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Comments on: "Five feet apart (movie)" (14)

  1. Sansa said:

    Five feet apart is a really good movie. It really shows us how people with a life-altering disease live their life and go through losses and family drama and even relationships which was one of the main themes of the movie. Leading on from the theme of relationships, I believe that the soul connection between Stella and Will because they really understand each other and are just perfect for each other. I absolutely love this movie, and I felt the emotions that Stella and Will felt when they were going through certain situations. There were so many sad parts of the movie, but so many happy parts of it as well that it really was an emotional rollercoaster. I also love one of the songs that’s in it, called ‘Medicine’ and I really feel like it fits the movie perfectly. I love this movie, would rate it 9/10, and for people who enjoy romance and sad movies.


  2. Monique said:

    Five feet apart was an incredible movie that I have recently watch and has become one of my favourite movies ever! This movie has a lot of feelings and emotion in certain parts and the film techniques really demonstrates the actions they do and really let you feel the emotions that they do. It is a very inspirational movie as it demonstrates young love that can’t be together it sounds like another movie that I have watched Romeo and Juliet but they don’t have cystic fibrosis like the characters in five feet apart. I would definitely suggest this movie to anyone who likes romance movies but the movie is a tear jerker so BRING tissues!!!!!!!!!


  3. Five feet apart is my new favourite movie. It is such a sad yet beautiful story that was portrayed extremely well by all who were involved. My favourite part of the movie would have to be near the end when Will (acted by Cole Sprouse) brought the ‘lights’ that Stella (acted by Haley Lu Richardson) had always wanted to see but never had that chance to, to her outside the hospital. My favourite character was Stella. I think she was so strong and determined to beat her illness but she was still able to take risks and live her life. I guess I could relate to Stella in some ways because she was an extremely organised person and I think I’m pretty organised and it’s something that I can rely on like Stella. My least favourite part of the movie would have to be when one of the characters passed away. I think that character was such a good spirit and he loved every moment in life and it was so sad to see them leave. I don’t think I would change anything in this movie I think it was put together really well, all the actors were amazing and I loved the story line. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a romance, tear jerker kind of movie.


  4. Ashley said:

    five feet apart – This movie was a sad romantic movie. I liked how there was a lot of intense parts in this movie as they knew that they were not supposed to go near each other but they risked everything because they loved each other. This movie was also a good insight into what living with cystic fibrosis is really like and how everyday can be hard but there is always something to live for. Also this movie overall was so sweet and all i wanted for the whole time was for them to both magically be cured and live happy ever after the ending was sad and him leaving was the worst part of the movie. This is definitely a tear jerker and if your looking for a cry this is the movie for you.


  5. Georgia-Rose Aitken said:

    5 Feet Apart is an amazing and beautiful movie about two young people fighting Cystic Fibrosis. Because of their sickness, they have to be 6 feet apart from each-other at all times to prevent them from catching illnesses. At first this is easy, but becomes harder and harder as the two grow fonder of each-other and start to fall in love. This movie is such an inspirational, heartwarming but heartbreaking story, and will definitely have anyone in puddles of tears by the end of it. Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson play the two main characters Will and Stella amazingly, making it seem so real that you can’t help but feel every emotion they are going through throughout the film. My favourite part of the film was probably when Stella and Will go on a date together, as they have so much chemistry and the scene is super cute and romantic. I would definitely recommend this movie to teenage girls, as it is very romantic and definitely a tearjerker. If you don’t like crying, it’s definitely not the movie for you!!


  6. Tear jerking and beautiful. A story about teenagers who fall in love yet cannot touch proves to be a motivational story proving to people that love does not have to be physical. Stella, a 17 year old girl grown up with cystic fibrosis wants to stay alive for the good of her family but Will, he’s ready to die. He has nothing left to live for. Until the two meet. The make each other better people and eventually learn that life isn’t black and white, just because you have a disease then it shouldn’t stop you from achieving and living life to the fullest. This beautiful film is recommended in my personal opinion to people who want a cry and to those who are mature enough to understand the struggles that these two face fighting a disease and a love for each other. I loved this film as it created insight into the life of a sick people and clearly taught me about why we are so lucky. It is not a cliche love story which is extremely enjoyable it is realistic and heart warming. In the end a solid 10/10.


  7. I loved this movie, for 2 reasons actually 1 because I love Cole Sprouse (one of the actors who plays one of the main characters) and also because I love romance movies, but this was a mixture of romance but also a little bit sad, overall it was amazing and I’d watch it again.
    My favourite part would have to be when Will Stella and Poe all hung out together for the first time because they all have cystic fibrosis you can’t touch each other, but I just love when they were all in the same room being friends like any other people would.
    Poe was my favourite character just because he was so funny and was always happy, he was super kind to Stella and Will and he was also a wonderful friend to Stella.
    I would really recommend this movie, it’s amazing how people actually have this disease and have to live through all this, it shows what they have to go through just to stay alive, it’s also a little bit sad so I recommend bringing tissues with you if you watch it.
    If you like romance this movie would be perfect for you, the relationship between Will and Stella is so cute, the friendship between all Poe, Will and Stella is great, and there is also a little bit of humour!

    I definitely recommend this movie!


  8. I really liked this movie as it was emotional but heart touching. My favourite part of the movie was when we first met Will as he had a lot of mystery about him and it felt like he was going to have a big impact on Stella’s life. My favourite character was Stella, the main character, as she was always optimistic and kind and understanding to the people around her but was also able to stand up for herself and others when she needed to. I can relate to Stella as I always try to see the positive side of situations and be optimistic. My least favourite part of the movie was towards the end as it was really emotional. I would definitely recommend this movie to other people as it is an emotional rollercoaster but also has a very good storyline and is definitely a movie I would watch again. I would recommend this movie to people who like romance movies but also want to watch a sad movie that will make them cry.


  9. I recommend a movie called Five Feet Apart. It’s about a 17-year-old girl named Stella who has a disease called cystic fibrosis this is a disease when their lungs don’t work and they need to be on an air machine at all times. You have to be 6 feet apart from any patient with it because you can catch their bacteria. Things get bad because Stella falls for a patient named Will who has the same condition. They can’t be together otherwise they will catch each other bacteria and have a risk of dying. The story goes along with how they cope not being to be with each other. Stella has had enough and realises that the disease has taken so much from her that she wants to take something from the disease. She takes one foot from the 6 feet apart rule. Stella makes everybody feel hopeful about having this disease and she ends up inspiring lots of people. This is a movie that you are sure to either cry or nearly cry, I cried during this movie. It is a very emotional movie and I really loved it. I think the movie is based for teen girls.


  10. I just went to the movies to see Five Feet Apart and it was amazing. Everything about it reached the expectations I had for it from the acting, the storyline and the awareness it had on cystic fibrosis. It was something so incredibly different to anything I’ve watched before but I loved it so much. Although my favourite character was Will as he was so charming and whitty he cared so much more about Stella and he cared so much about keeping her safe. I absolutely loved Will and Stella’s relationship. I loved the connection that they had with each other and how they felt and cared about each other so much even though they couldn’t touch. I think that they raised a lot of awareness for cystic fibrosis and they showed how hard living with CF is and how hard it is for people who have CF to be with others that have CF as they can’t be within 6 feet from each other. This movie is incredibly sad but also shows the love people have for each other even when they cannot touch. I would rate it a 10/10 and I would recommend it to everyone!


  11. FFA is a beautiful movie. I loved it because its about 2 teenagers falling in love, despite their sicknesses. It is a very sad movie but it’s one of my favourites. I would change the ending so that Stella and Will could end up together. Anyone who likes romance and sad movies would love this one, and I think it will be one of 2019’s best movies


  12. Indigo said:

    Five feet apart was a movie that you would be crazy not to cry at. It is such a beautifully romantic, yet sad movie with such a great message about a life-threatening disease. My favourite character would have to be Will Newman (Cole Sprouse). I like how he is a jokester and risk taker but knows his limits. My favourite part in this film was obviously all of it, but I especially liked when the two teens met outside the intensive care unit. I love how we can tell that Stella (Hayley Lu Richardson) and Will both liked each other from the first moment they saw each other- in the intensive care unit! In the scene, Will is flirting with Stella, and she is acting annoyed and irritated towards him, which shows she likes him! She sets up Will’s ‘med cart’ which according to Poe (Moises Arias) is like flirting. I cannot relate to anyone in this movie but I think if a cystic fibrosis patient saw this movie it would be even sadder than it was for me (even though I don’t think that is possible.) If I could change something in the movie I wouldn’t. I loved it so so much and could watch it again and again..crying each and every time. I think people aged 12+ should see this movie because there are so scenes I think aren’t very suitable for younger viewers, and I believe younger children wouldn’t really understand the storyline of it. I suggest also reading the book, because I have, and would totally read it again!! I rate the movie 100/10!


  13. Georgia said:

    I loved this movie so much it was a great storyline, it was very sad as well and whoever came up with this movie script did a fantastic job! I enjoyed watching this. My favourite part of this movie was when Po died, it was so emotional, but I found it thrilling. My Favourite character i this movie wold have had to been Will, I just adored his character so much and found his character so entertaining. My least favourite part of this movie was the start because there wasn’t really much happening. I would recommend this movie to people who like a sad intersting movie it is a great watch.


  14. 5 feet apart is an extremely sad movie, leaving you on the edge of your seat sometimes. I really enjoyed the movie as it was something different and it made me rethink things. To be honest i didn’t have a favourite part in the movie as every scene was really fascinating to watch. However my favourite character was Stella, who was the main character and was suffering from this particular disease, she was a great character to watch as it showed her how she lived her life and what she has gone through. What really caught my attention was when i found out that Stella had been living in the hospital most of her life and she has never got the chance to travel, thus far, that really amazed me. there were some scenes in the movie which was really sad to watch and left me on the edge of my seat.
    If i could change something about the movie i would want to change the ending slightly, the ending was ok however i would of liked them to find a cure for there disease, letting Stella and will (cole sprouse) allowed to be together and not having to be 5 feet apart. I would defiantly recommend this movie to others, as it is a very touching and romantic movie. i think believe that any teenager would like this movie, however if you don’t like sad movies then this movie would not be a good one to watch.


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