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Comments on: "That sugar film (documentary)" (1)

  1. This movie is excellent. It is also so so important for all Australians to watch. With rising rates of overweight, obesity and diet-related disease in Australia, it is important for all of us to begin educating ourselves about nutrition and “That Sugar Film” provides the perfect starting point for this. “That Sugar Film” follows Damon Gameau’s 60-day diet of eating supposedly healthy foods like muesli bars that are actually very high in sugar. Scientists document the effects of this diet on Damon’s health and wellbeing and the effects are no less than shocking… My least favourite part of the movie is when Damon went to investigate the effects of a western diet in a remote Indigenous community. This part made me feel very ashamed of the effect of Western people’s colonisation in Australia on the Aboriginal people. It was very sad but also super important for everyone to be exposed to if things are ever going to change. There is not a thing that I would change about this movie. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone and would also encourage you to go look at the trailer for Damon’s new movie 2040 which also looks like a galvanising masterpiece.


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